How to teach your dog to only bite his toys

Get home and say hello to your dog: he always has a lot of parties when he sees you again . You go to the living room to leave your things, go into the bedroom… But what happened? The animal destroyed the pillow and bit your shoes which cost you a fortune. You shout his name but, as if by magic, he disappears running into hiding. What a mania to bite into anything!

The one just told is a typical scene of anyone who owns a pet. It is understandable, even after spending hundreds of euros on dog toys. Yet they don’t work, they don’t serve to avoid this reckless biting. And it is the things we care about most that pay.

When dogs are adults, they often lose this bad habit, becoming true  guardians  of the house. In short, losing their characteristic of compulsive destroyers. However, it is worth asking what to do and find a concrete solution to the problem. What to do to make your dog only bite his toys? Let’s see it together.

How to educate the dog not to bite everything

First of all, it is important to know what causes your dog to bite anything. In this way you can find an effective solution to various cases.

Anxiety. It is one of the most common factors that cause your dog to bite anything it finds . Anxiety can be caused by boredom, loneliness, hyperactivity, or a lack of exercise. There is a solution for each of these causes.

If the animal gets bored, it may be due to an attitude of indifference to going home . Remember that we are talking about very sociable animals. Give dogs more time, caresses and attention after hours of absence from home.

The loneliness is generated when the animal is forced to stay for a long time without company. The solution may be to entrust it to others, when you know that the absence can be prolonged. Otherwise, think about the possibility of adopting another pet.

If the dog is hyperactive, take him to the vet. In fact, your doctor will tell you which steps to follow to resolve this complication.

The lack of exercise creates an accumulation of residual energy in the animal. This unreleased force leads him to destroy everything. To avoid it, of course, you have to make him move with greater intensity, until you tire him adequately.


The puppies are especially likely to  bite all objects in the home , mainly for two reasons. Biting is a form of discovering the world around them . Secondly, because their gums are developing, and by biting they relieve the pain .

The solution is simple. Buy age-appropriate toys designed not to damage their gums, even better if they make noises or sounds. Ask your vet for advice. You will see that they will not want to play with anything else.

Alternatively, to satisfy their curiosity, you can always close the doors of the ‘forbidden’ rooms. It will be impossible for it to bite or break objects you care about.

Dog toys

From the earliest years, your dog will get used to having personal toys suitable for his age and size. Never give them anything of yours, not even old clothes or items . Otherwise the animal will think that it is authorized to bite anything that belongs to you.

Check it out

Watch your dog when you are at home and as soon as you see him bite into something, block him and give him a toy. It is a learning phase. It will take time and patience, but the results are guaranteed.

Long walks

Before you leave the house, take your dog for a long walk . Leave him free to roam in a suitable place . Make him tired, so that when he gets home, he doesn’t feel the need to do anything. He will spend many hours quietly resting, avoiding biting your things. This requires a small sacrifice on your part, like getting up a little earlier than usual, but it’s worth it.

If this solution does not produce the desired results, it may be useful to take the dog to the vet. The goal is to assess the presence of compulsive behaviors to be treated in a more targeted and specific way.

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