How to teach a cat tricks

Cats are very intelligent animals with an extraordinary memory, this allows them to learn tricks such as pawing, turning, bringing toys, among others. However, it is important that you understand that cats are not the same as dogs, because they are not interested in spending long periods of time doing tricks to get praise from their owners. 

The tricks in the kittens serve rather to strengthen the relationship with their owners and to enjoy small moments of entertainment, since the tricks become a common code between the human and his cat.  

How to teach a cat to paw

This trick will make your cat look super cute because you can use it to greet them every time you see them. It is exactly the same trick that dogs do, but the process of teaching it to a cat is different.

1. Find an edible treat, hide it in your hand, and reach out in front of the cat.

2. Use the command “Say hello” and just when your cat tries to touch your hand with his paw you should say it in a pleasant way and give them the reward.

3. If the cat tries to catch the treat with its mouth, you must remove your hand and say “No”. 

Repeat this exercise several times until the cat can do it without any edible treats from you. It is recommended that from time to time you give them a prize for doing that trick.

How to teach your cat to lie on the floor

This is another trick that you can include in your feline training and that you will surely enjoy a lot every time your cat does it for you.

  1. With a snack, you will put your hand on the floor so that the cat leans to catch it, but you will not give it the treat until it adopts the lying position.
  2. You can help it by putting a little pressure on its back so that its stomach is completely flat on the floor. When you see that the cat has achieved the correct position, you must say the word “Cast” and give them its treat.
  3. You have to repeat the exercise several times and never give the treat without saying the command. The idea is that as the days go by, the cat will obey this trick without you having to give it an edible treat.

Teach your kitten to find and bring the toy

This trick will be enjoyed by both of you because you can play with a ball, a stuffed animal, or any other toy. It is perfect for the animal to discharge a lot of energy, especially if it is a very active cat. For this trick, the object you select must be soft and of an adequate size so that the cat can take it with its mouth without difficulty. In addition, the toy must be resistant so that it does not break the first time and it will be easier to teach young cats that they are more playful. We go with the step by step.

  1. Start by showing the toy to your cat and you will see that it already adopts the stalking posture.
  2. Now throw the toy and try to make the trajectory as long as possible. Your cat will run off to catch the toy. 
  3. At first your cat will stay playing with the toy after reaching it. But what you have to do is go to the toy, take it and repeat the throw.
  4. Over time your cat will realize that the one who puts the fun in that toy is you, because you have the strength to throw it. Then your feline will instinctively start to bring the toy to you with its mouth so that you can throw it back at it.
  5. We remind you that every time your cat brings you the toy, give it a reward.

Teach your cat to sit

This is a basic trick that is good for you to teach your cat because it will serve you in some moments when you want him to stay calm for whatever reason.

  1. You must take a treat that your cat likes and when you see that your cat sits down, give it prize and say the word “Sitting”.
  2. What happens with this trick is that your cat already knows how to sit, so what you want to do is associate the action with some verbal signal, which in this case will be the word “Sitting”.

Turn on itself

This trick is not the one normally performed by dogs that lie down and turn lying down. In this case, the cat will go around with all four legs on the ground.

  1. With a treat we will put our hand in front of the cat’s face and when it wants to approach to take it, we will turn it around them, making the cat a complete turn.
  2. Here the verbal signal will be “Turn” and we will say it before starting to guide the cat to make a complete turn.
  3. Each time the cat finishes the spin the treat will be given to them.
  4. This exercise should be repeated several times a day until the cat can understand that it should turn when you say the mentioned command. At some point, you no longer need to give them a treat at the end.

If you thought that teaching a cat tricks was a very complicated task, surely with this post you have changed your mind.

Cats take a little longer to learn lessons than dogs, due to the feline’s personality that is so individualistic. 

But that is not an excuse to give up on the first attempt and that is why we recommend that you have a lot of patience and do not despair, because the ideal is that you take the training at a very slow pace so that you can see small advances day after day.

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