How to teach a cat to use the toilet

Teaching your cat to use the toilet has several benefits for home hygiene. When a kitten relieves themselves in the bathroom, it is not necessary to have a litter box at home, which means that you do not have to deal with daily cleaning of it, changing the sand, and not collecting the grains of sand. that some cats accidentally take out of the box and end up on the floor.

In this sense, having your cat do its stools in the toilet represents less effort for you, because all you have to do is pull the toilet chain so that the waste goes away and does not leave any odour. Do you want to teach this good habit to your feline? Then read until the end that here we will give you the instructions.  

Instructions for teaching the cat to use the toilet

Now we will give you some practical tips so that you can teach the cat to use the toilet. Before starting to put them into practice in your home with your pet, we recommend that you have a lot of patience, since each cat is different and that is why each one learns this lesson in a different period of time.

1. Place its litter box in the bathroom you want your cat to use:

This is a very simple step and cats usually adapt quickly to this change of location. The only thing you will do is move its litter box from place, placing it now in the bathroom that you want your kitty to use. With this, your pet will get used to the new area that will now be his bathroom.

2. Place your litter tray off the ground:

What you should try to do is give the litter box height and for this you can use a table, a wooden box or any surface that is stable and can raise the sandbox at least 10 centimeters from the ground. The idea is that the cat gets used to jumping every time he wants to get on its box.

3. Place the sandbox closer and closer to the toilet:

Each day you will bring the litter tray closer to the toilet so that the cat becomes familiar with its new bathroom. You have to get to the day when you place its litter tray on the toilet.

4. You must reduce the amount of sand:

Every day get a little litter out of your cat’s box so it gets used to eliminating without litter. Upon reaching the last days, the box should have only a few inches of sand.

5. You have to replace your litter box with a plastic basin:

You should find a cardboard sheet and place it on the toilet with the lid open and on that place the basin or container. Your cat will relieve themselves there by not seeing its litter box.

6. It is time to remove the basin:

When you see that your cat is already used to eliminating on the basin, you should remove it. But now you will make a hole in the cardboard that you had placed on top of the toilet and you will put a little sand in it.

7. Last step:

At this point the cat will have understood the message that it must now relieve itself on the toilet. To help them finish accepting the idea, what you will do is make the hole in the cardboard bigger and bigger and remove more and more sand, until you reach the point where you can remove the cardboard.

Final recommendations for teaching the cat to use the toilet

How could you tell, teaching the cat to use the toilet is not too complicated a task, you just have to follow the steps to the letter and have a lot of patience so that your cat takes the time it needs to adapt to that new habit . In order for you to make this change in your pet successfully, we will give you some final tips that you might be missing at some point in the training.

 If you want to simplify this task even more, you can buy a kit of 10 training to teach the cat to use the toilet that they sell in pet stores and they bring a very simple step to follow.

 It usually takes about 3 weeks for expenses to learn this lesson. 

 Every time your cat does its business on the toilet you should reward them with a treat and fill them with praise.

 When you are at the point where you have placed the cardboard and the basin or container on top of the toilet, there should be no litter box anywhere in the house. At this point the litter box should be removed from the home.

 It would be excellent if you could allocate a bathroom in your house solely for your cat’s learning. But if this is not possible, it is necessary that all the people who are going to use the bathroom take all the necessary hygiene measures.

 It is important that the bathroom that the cat uses always has the door open so that the animal can enter without problems. If you leave the door closed and leave the house, you could cause health problems for your cat by causing them to retain urine for a long time.

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