How to take care of a deaf cat

How to take care of the deaf cat, strengthen its senses and try to make itself understood. Let’s see how to help our cat.

What is said about the cat is true, it can only stay several hours without missing someone, but it is also true that it feels empathy towards its human friend and appreciates the moments of pampering and caresses it receives. It is well known that it is an independent animal and very often it even seems that it ignores us.

To this, however, we must be very careful, since its way of ignoring us is not always due to a question deriving from his solitary and autonomous nature. In some cases it can also be a problem of deafness sometimes congenital, other times caused by several factors.

Regardless of the cause, how to take care of the deaf cat? We read in the next paragraphs the different tips to try to meet and relieve the cat from this discomfort.

How to care for the deaf cat and make yourself understood

Regardless of why the cat suffers from deafness, what we want to understand is how to take care of the deaf cat, how to try to make itself understood, how to strengthen the other senses at its disposal and how to behave so as not to be too apprehensive. In this article we will treat and try to give advice and answers regarding the aforementioned questions and many other doubts.

The cat may have been born deaf or become deaf over the years and even if it is a problem, it does not mean that the quality of life should be affected. From an early age it is important to try to understand how far his way of ignoring us is due to behavior and where instead he concerns a problem of deafness in the feline.

Once it has been established that it is deafness, also through the necessary investigations carried out by the veterinarian, it will be necessary to understand how to take care of the deaf cat and be understood in order to proceed with a worthy education and social interaction. To do this you will need to accustom the cat to the gestures, so the best thing to do is to repeat the gesture to indicate a command. The mere repetition of this will allow the cat to assimilate and associate your gesture with the command.

Along with the gestures is also important the expression of the face, it will be necessary to make sure that the cat observes the face while you talk to him, his not being able to hear the tone of voice, will have to be replaced by the possibility of noticing the expression if serene or angry, so that he can realize if it is an order, a compliment or a reproach.

All this logically involves more patience and more sacrifice on the part of the whole family, as the deafness of the cat is not an insurmountable problem but certainly creates discomfort for the animal.

Strengthen the senses of the deaf cat

Another thing you can do to take care of the deaf cat is to reinforce the other senses at its disposal, for example: stimulate the view with games and colors that attract the cat’s curiosity.

A deaf cat will try as much as possible to use the sight to make up for the lack of hearing and fortunately this animal is very well endowed as it has a field of vision that reaches up to about 200 degrees against the 180 of us men and this means that they see wider.

It also has the ability to night vision, which is up to 8 times sharper than the human one, the only problem is in the colors, as they see red, orange and brown badly, but they see very well the blue, green, yellow and violet.

The other sense that the cat develops the most is the sense of smell, experts suggest to always use the same perfume or deodorant so that the cat knows all the places you are I know you have been. To realize the olfactory capacity of a cat, just think that in humans the olfactory receptors are only 5 million, while in the cat about 200 million.


An alternative way to address the cat is to use the vibrations that is trying to make them perceive even small vibrations that start from the floor, slamming its feet on it and letting the cat get small oscillations, thus attracting the attention of the animal, alternatively you can use you can use collars that vibrate.


What we can do for the deaf cat in such a way as to make them perceive all the affection and make them feel well liked is to caress them daily, brush them, cuddle them and blow on its hair so that it can pick up all the vibrations. Remember that even a deaf cat needs to feel loved and pampered but is also able to give you back all the love you give it back.

Deaf white cat and acquired deafness

In cats with a completely white coat and almost always with blue eyes, there is a particular dominant gene, called the W gene that implies this condition of congenital deafness that is from birth in the animal.

This does not imply that all white cats with blue eyes are deaf. In order to determine if a cat is deaf and how serious the condition is, it is essential to go to the veterinarian, who will carry out the necessary tests to determine the degree of severity.

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