How to protect your cat from mosquitoes: tips and advice

How can you protect your cat from mosquitoes? Let’s find out the most effective tips to protect the well-being of our feline.

With the arrival of summer and heat, even mosquitoes make their appearance. The bites of these insects, very annoying for humans, can also be dangerous for our cat. Despite the presence of the coat, in fact, areas such as the nose and ears remain exposed. How can we protect the cat from mosquitoes? Here is a series of valuable information.

A mosquito net to keep insects away

If you are wondering how to protect your cat from mosquitoes, the answer may be simpler than you think. Sometimes, in fact, it is enough to adopt the same methods that we put into practice to protect ourselves. Among these, the use of mosquito nets is undoubtedly included.

This physical barrier will allow to avoid insect bites in cats, and in this case those of mosquitoes. After all, it is a simple, economical and functional solution, which in any case will guarantee the entry of light and the passage of air inside the home environment.

In particular, if you have a French door leading onto the terrace or garden, the choice may be directed towards models that open automatically. In this way, you will be able to facilitate the passage of the feline from one area to another, in total autonomy.

Plants, herbs and fragrance diffusers

A further indication on how to protect the cat from mosquitoes is the use of room fragrances, for example with lemongrass or cedar. In addition to releasing a fragrance inside the home, these fragrances are an absolutely natural tool to keep insects away.

Using mosquito repellent plants, such as calendula and ageratum, is also a great solution. Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? As everyone knows, cats love catnip. This plant, however, can also be used as a mosquito repellent.

Cat repellent sprays

If you are looking for a more targeted solution to protect your cat from mosquitoes, you can opt for specific products, such as collars or sprays to spray directly on the fur. Many of the lotions on the market are made with natural products and essential oils, made from herbs and plants such as geraniums, rosemary, lavender and sage.

In addition to using these products, pay close attention to the place where the cat lives. For example, it prevents the feline from coming into contact with swampy areas, notoriously rich in insects. If he accidentally ventures into these places, make sure you wash your cat thoroughly when he returns to ensure proper hygiene.

Prevention is better than cure

Mosquito bites can also pose serious risks to your health. For this reason, in addition to asking ourselves how to protect the cat from mosquitoes, we should aim for prevention, to avoid endangering the feline. The advice is to contact the veterinarian.

In fact, there are tablets on the market that are prescribed for the treatment of filariasis. This disease, carried by mosquitoes and in particular by the tiger mosquito, causes heart and respiratory problems. In some cases, if left untreated, the condition can even lead to death.

Therefore, if you experience symptoms such as cat coughing or vomiting, go immediately to the nearest veterinary emergency room. In addition, discuss with your trusted veterinarian the possibility of administering a drug to the feline in a preventive form, for 9 months of the year.

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