How to prevent your dog from constantly asking for food

It’s really unbearable: being seated at the table and having the dog ask for food like a desperate person . Some even after brushing their bowl. They try, however, to soften us so as to give him some of our meal. In this article we tell you how to make sure your dog stays away from you while you eat.

Is it normal for dogs to always ask for food?

Although it is a habit that bothers us and that we wish to eradicate from our furry friend, the truth is that we cannot blame it. It is a matter of pure instinct which, even if it can be “hidden” with training, can always come to the surface.

Think about your reaction when they are preparing a dish that you like very much at home. What do you do? Go to the kitchen! In the case of dogs, the same happens: they want to see what their master is enjoying and, above all, they want to try some of that delicious dish . Even if it’s not suitable for them!

Maybe you don’t mind your dog asking for food as soon as you sit down at the table. However, it starts to be a problem if, for example, you have guests in the house and even they show their best “ Shrek’s cat” face to get a piece of chicken, a slice of bread or ham.

Gluttonous dogs are adept at any kind of swooning to get what they want . And if there are children in the house, they will always be their main accomplices, giving them something of their plate under the table.

Good early training can help keep your dog from constantly asking for food.

How to prevent dog begging

Dogs know how to make us stagger and accept their blackmail. They make a sad face, they cry … sometimes they even call us with their paws. However, we must resist the temptation to feed them, as this fosters such conduct.

Although the ideal would be to educate them from an early age not to ask for our food, many times this habit is acquired after a few years of life. So that you don’t feel like the worst bosses in the world because you don’t share your dishes with your pet, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Move the dog away from the table

When it rests its front legs on the table, you will have to move it with a simple movement of the arm. To succeed, it will take several attempts and several days . After a week or two, the dog will realize that this is forbidden. Accompany this teaching with a clear and unshakable “no”.

2. Put up a barrier

If the above does not work, you will have to put some kind of barricade or barrier so that the dog does not arrive at the table or in its surroundings . For example, close the kitchen door, put a baby fence or even close it on the terrace or in the yard. It may seem a little harsh and cruel to you, but this way your dog won’t ask you for food all the time.

3. Feed him before or during

Many dogs finish their food within seconds, while others need a few minutes. A good idea is to feed him right when you sit down at the table. In this way, you will have a few minutes of tranquility.

Another option is to take advantage of their request for food to fill their bowl. In this way, the animal will understand the difference between canine and human menus.

4. Keep the animal busy when it asks for food

You can give him a toy , for example, or a chewy bone to chew, that way he’ll be distracted while you eat. If you have more than one dog, this would be the perfect time to let them out and play in the yard, on the terrace or on the balcony.

5. Tie it close

This option is a bit more drastic and may lead to the animal barking or crying even more, but in some cases it works. Put him on the leash and tie him a few inches from the table . Place his cot next to him so that he can be comfortable, and also the bowl with food and water.

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