How to prevent the dog from escaping: here are some tips

There is always a reason that leads the dog to run away, even if we cannot understand it. Some flee out of instinct, others out of boredom and then there are those who do so because they weren’t brought up properly as puppies.

A dog can run away from home for several reasons, luckily in some cases it returns after several days of absence. Since it is a very common situation and not always with a happy ending, in this article we give some tips to prevent the dog from escaping .

Prevent the dog from escaping: understand the reason

There are two main situations in which a dog runs away . The first occurs in the house, specifically the animal jumps over the gate or railing or creates an opening from which it escapes.

The second concerns walking without a leash or even with it; at a certain point the dog starts to run at great speed and it is impossible for the owner to reach him.

In both cases, the reasons for this attitude are different. As a first measure to prevent the dog from escaping, it is essential to know why . Let’s see the most common reasons in the following lines.

1. Fear of noise

Some dogs fear certain noises such as thunder, ambulance sirens, or fireworks. This fear causes them to act strangely and in some cases they run away from home.

2. Instinct

When a male escapes, this is probably due to the fact that he has “tracked” a female in heat , sometimes even several streets away. The dog will face any obstacle to respond to his instincts.

3. Problems of education

Disobedience can also be a cause for flight in dogs , as can the absence of hierarchies in the home. It should be noted that in all cases the owner must be the pack leader, whether you have a toy poodle or a rottweiler.

If the dog has run away many times as a puppy and has not received the right education to change this behavior, he will probably continue to do so as an adult.

4. Boredom

When an animal is bored or spends many hours alone, it starts “being a brat” to get attention. Some destroy their masters’ shoes, others pee where they shouldn’t, and still others run away from home.

5. Get attention

A situation similar to the one just described, but in this case it is due to the arrival of a child at home or to certain changes in family dynamics . A dog may try to attract attention by misbehaving and ignoring the commands of the owner.

6. Absence of physical activity

A dog that spends most of the day in an apartment, especially as a puppy, will be more likely to run away when the opportunity presents itself. So be careful when opening the front door or taking it for a walk.

But there are also other reasons why the dog decides to run away, such as curiosity or the desire to explore unknown places or see other animals (for example, a cat).

Tips to prevent the dog from running away

Now that you know the reasons why a dog may decide to run away, it’s time to get to work to eliminate this behavior with not inconsiderable consequences. Let’s see how to intervene.

1. Sterilize to prevent the dog from escaping

If the male dog escapes to join a female in heat, the ideal solution is to spay him. That way he won’t feel the need to escape. In addition to this, sterilization offers several health and conduct benefits .

2. Don’t chase him

One of the most common mistakes is running after the dog that runs away. This causes him to run even farther and desperately without paying attention to what is around him.

If the animal starts running in the park, try calling it by name or wait for it to slow down to rest.

3. Pay the right attention to prevent the dog from escaping

Even if we work many hours a day outside the home and come home tired, even if we have recently had a baby or if we are not very athletic people, we must spend time with our pets .

A walk of a few minutes every day will not only allow the dog to discharge energy, but will also strengthen the bond with the owner. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your dog from running away!

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