How to prevent cat hair loss: the solutions

Avoid making the cat lose too much hair, the most effective solutions, methods to escape this discomfort of the cat’s coat.

The cat’s hair together with the eyes, is the detail that most attracts of these beings so pretty. There are so many breeds whose characteristics stand out precisely because of the peculiarities of their coat. In fact, cats are basically distinguished by types of coat: self or solid, tabby, two-tone white or tricolor and color point coat.

Also with regard to the length we can distinguish them in long-haired cats and those with short hair. Some scholars argue that cats with long coats are more docile than those with short fur, but this is not a rule. What is true for everyone, despite their diversity, is the purpose of this coat, which is to provide insulation from cold, heat and damp.

Unfortunately, however, this fantastic coat, formed by hair, tends over time to fall but fortunately also to grow back, especially in some seasons, the cat may be more subject to hair loss. But how to avoid making the cat lose too much hairLet’s see in the next paragraphs what are the best solutions recommended by experts.

Avoiding making the cat lose too much hair: the best solutions

Avoiding making the cat lose too much hair is something feasible even if challenging. The cat’s coat even if it is the most beautiful feature of this animal, for which enthusiasts literally lose their heads and really make it a pride for this animal, remains in any case a problem for the hygiene of their home.

Living in an apartment with a cat in the house, means living even with its hair scattered in the rooms. Cat owners tend to be always struggling with cleaning and vacuuming, which as powerful as it may be and animal hair proof, will never be able to win a losing battle at the start.

That’s why since there is no scientific method to prevent the cat from dropping its hair, we thought it was appropriate to advise how to avoid losing too much hair to the cat, looking for the best solutions to put into practice, such as:

  • comb the cat: depending on the length of the hair up to 3 times a week, logically the maximum of the times is referred to cats that have long hair, while for short-haired cats it will be enough only once. Probably the cat the first few times will not be really happy, but in the time taken in the right ways will try to make a reason for it;
  • the appropriate comb: combing the cat in the right way and above all with the appropriate tools is essential, to ensure that the animal does not suffer trauma and then show itself negative to the next approach with the comb. The comb allows you to get up to the cat’s skin and also smooth the undercoat, while a soft bristle brush is suitable for a short or medium coat, while the metal brush or smoothing brush, are more suitable for long hair.
  • damp cloth: immediately after skating, it is possible to pass on the animal’s coat a damp cloth in such a way that it can take away the dead hair left lying on the body;
  • anti-fall productsthere are several products to try to contain the fall of the cat’s hair, products for external use, sold in special specialized stores for animals;
  • Bathing the cat: To reduce the fall of the cat’s hair in an effective way, it will be necessary to bathe it every one to four weeks. The cat will certainly not appreciate, it is not a mystery that cats do not like to be washed, but accustoming the animal is the only way to proceed without great difficulties and impediments. Maybe advance by degrees without exceeding wetting it slowly to areas of the body, using water at the right temperature and delicate products;
  • quality food: nowadays on the market there are so many brands of cat food, the quality of which excels. These products contain within them many vitamins and amino acids that serve among other things also to slow down the hair loss. The correct intake of some minerals and amino acids, such as Omega 3 fatty acids, guarantee a good quality of hair even much more resistant. So a healthy diet can only promote good health of the animal.

Why does the cat lose its hair?

Before worrying about how to avoid making the cat lose too much hair we should try to understand the causes that generate this discomfort in the animal and for its master.

In particular, if the fall is excessive, there may be some problems due to:

  • skin diseases: skin diseases, unfortunately, are reflected on the cat’s hair, the most common among them is ringworm, identifiable by the presence of red bubbles on the skin with subsequent hair loss, the same effect that skin diseases that include the presence of bacteria and fungi generate;
  • Molting period: The molting period usually lasts one to two weeks and begins in late summer and early spring. The cat changes its coat to adapt to temperature changes, it is not an excessive thing for cats living in the house as the temperature undergoes slight alterations.
  • Cat stress: the cat like the rest of the animals and also people, are subject to stress problems that can be caused by psychological difficulties or diseases. A cat is subject to stress even if it undergoes a change of home or even if the cat has to get used to its carrier. These for him are causes of stress, which could even cause him to fall into depression.

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