How to pamper your Cat?

Cuddles for cats: did you know that they also ensure relaxation for those who make them? That’s right! If you have the habit of cuddling your cat, in addition to making them happy, you will find yourself more relaxed too!

The important thing is to get in tune with your cat to learn how to cuddle where and how it likes. Yes, although most cats love to be pampered by their owner “without being precious” some cats would seem not to like “being touched”!

In these cases, we are helped by a study during which researchers have carried out experiments to try to identify both ways to cuddle cats and the areas where to touch them so as not to make them nervous. The “rules” drawn up can be a good starting point even if then, every feline is made in his own way, and has his tastes.

Pampering cats and stress

Cuddling for cats is sometimes stressful, especially if they feel held back or constrained as pets. The same is true if the doubt creeps into them that our cuddling cats are a gesture of possession towards them.

It is therefore essential not to transmit this idea to them, always leaving them an escape route and space to move, as well as a general atmosphere of tranquility, with few noises and never unexpected. The more a cat is stressed by external factors, the less it accepts being pampered by us.

How to cuddle cats

Let’s see areas and ways in which to approach our feline who will be suspicious even if he may have lived with us for years and years. The back is an area of ​​the body that we can caress without particular problems, the cat does not express preferences, it appreciates without going crazy, neither with joy nor discomfort.

The face is instead a point that, if we have confidence, is very welcome if caressed. Using the utmost delicacy, we can pet our cats on the chin repeatedly.

As an order in which to proceed, we must not create any particular problems. The face and the back are interchangeable, just do not invade areas that the animal considers off limits, such as the belly, at least until it decides to “give us carte blanche”.

The belly is in fact one of the most delicate areas that therefore every cat tends to protect by instinct.

The tail can be touched but, based on the data collected by the study, it is not an area sensitive to cuddling and this fact should not surprise us, considering the functions that the tail performs for the animal, which have little focus on the gestures of affection.

Once you are familiar with your big cat, you can caress it a little everywhere and your attention will surely be appreciated.

Cat who does not like cuddling

If we have in mind the photos of cats lying in the sun with a sly look that seems to be looking forward to receiving cuddles, here, it is better to know that it is an illusion. Very often as soon as you get close, the expression on their face changes, it becomes as if they said “what do you understand? Stay away from me” and then they leave, fast and agile, not showing up for quite a while.

Compared to the dog, the cat “has less need” of cuddles but if done at the right time and with the correct ways, cuddling is appreciated by all cats and relaxes both us and them.

Cuddling the biting cat

If we start stroking a cat that runs away, starting from the tail, as if to grab it and bring it back to us, it is normal that it bites, and it has every reason. Each of us if it was being pulled violently by the hair or by the shirt, to be “pampered”.

In addition to the sensation of being captured, the cat taken by the tail can also feel unpleasant sensations since it is an area with dense nerve endings, therefore extremely erogenous: better not to touch it.

How to get cats used to cuddling

To make cuddling cats a habit pleasing to everyone and not just to us owners, who thus release the stress of the day, it is necessary to create an environment in which there are spaces in which the animal can escape and hide.

They love to be high up and to be able to see what is happening, to check, so that they are less wary than usual. We are not saying to bribe the feline with food but certainly if they also connect cuddling to the idea of ​​the full bowl, it may not be bad.

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