How to moisturize your dog’s skin

Assuming that dry skin is not a disease, we have various packaged and natural products available to moisturize the dog’s skin . Of course, commercially available moisturizers are very useful, but natural ones would be preferred. Before starting treatment, it is important to understand what causes dry skin.

A proper diet to moisturize the dog’s skin

First, it may be helpful to modify your dog’s diet to help him produce the natural fat layer of the skin . Some specific foods contain fish, oil drops,  and eggs. These foods help our four-legged friends to regenerate the epidermis and make their fur shine.

Although it seems secondary, petting the dog also helps, because in doing so we stimulate the skin and the production of fat.

If you notice that the animal is shivering from the cold, it must be remedied . Among other things, cold is one of the main causes of dry skin. In pet shops you will find different models of coats and raincoats.

Bath and hygiene products that help moisturize the dog’s skin

Bathing is an important moment for the dog , but don’t overdo it. Too much water and detergents remove the skin’s natural protection, causing dryness . Ask the vet how long to wait between baths so that the dog’s skin does not suffer any damage.

Use a specific shampoo for dogs, never the one you buy to wash your hair. If your dog suffers from dry skin, try washing him with an oatmeal shampoo, which is very suitable for skin care.

As for our hair, there are also numerous moisturizing conditioners on the market, an extra for the dog’s coat . Once applied, it must be left to act at least 15-20 minutes; finally, rinse with plenty of water to remove all traces.

Brushing the dog, especially if it has a lot of hair, is a fundamental gesture. Doing this regularly helps prevent the accumulation of dust, dandruff, and other types of dirt.

Olive oil to moisturize the skin

Olive oil also brings many benefits. Its use does not give any problems, as it is a natural product with strong moisturizing properties . The only drawback, for which we advise you to use it in moderation, is that it can leave marks on the floor, walls and fabrics.

Drink lots of water and sunbathe

Drinking plenty of fresh water helps the dog to keep the body hydrated , with good repercussions on the skin.

Sunbathing is good for everyone, but excessive exposure causes skin burns and irritation. Especially if the dog is short-haired or hairless, we must be very cautious in the summer when we take him to the beach  or to the mountains. In this sense, her skin is not very different from ours.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause precancerous lesions on the nose and body . If your dog spends a lot of time indoors, he will be even more vulnerable to the sun.

Among the breeds most exposed to solar dermatitis we find:

  • White Boxer and Bull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire terrier
  • Beagle
  • Dalmatian and German Shorthaired Pointer.


Sunburn comes in the form of peeling of the skin, scabs, abrasions, uneven thickening and ulcers .

The most exposed areas are the two sides of the belly and the thighs. However, the tip of the tail, the tip of the legs or the rib area could also be burned. Red lesions and peeling may appear on the nose and adjacent hairless area. Even more prolonged sun exposure will cause alopecia, scabs, ulcers and scars .

The hours most at risk, as for us human beings, are between 9 and 16 . In this case, we must remember to protect our dog with adequate sun protection.

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