How to know if your cat is sick

When you see that your pet is listless and not very active, it immediately alarms you. Even knowing that cats are not as active as dogs, you can detect if they are not feeling well by closely observing their behaviour. At Petlifey, we explain how to know if your cat is sick.

How to tell if a cat is sick

If you have a kitten you should know that apart from taking care of its hygiene and its diet, it is also very important that you observe them every day. In this way you can more easily detect if your pet is in good health or if, on the contrary, it has any ailment .

Symptoms of a sick cat

It is not necessary that you become obsessed with the subject of health, but you should monitor its behaviour and its way of acting, to be able to detect the symptoms of a sick cat.

My cat does not eat

If you notice that lately your feline does not eat as much as it used to and shows apathy towards food, it is probably that your pet is sick.

Sometimes, the fact of having a fever, an upset stomach or any other ailment can cause the animal to suddenly stop eating as it usually does. Visit because my cat does not eat for more information.

My cat drinks a lot of water

Excessive water consumption is also a sign that your cat may be sick. If you also see that its muzzle is wetter than normal, this is also a sign that something is not working properly.

My cat is vomiting

If your cat vomits once, it may be because something has made it wrong, because they are very curious creatures and are not afraid to explore.

But if the vomiting recurs a few more times, you should immediately take it to the vet to verify that it is not poisoning or indigestion.

My cat has a stomach ailment

If you think your pet has a stomach ailment, you should check its litter box.

Put on gloves and check if the feline has diarrhea or if its stools are softer than normal. If this is so, you have to take them to the vet to check that it is in good health.

My cat has watery eyes or dull hair

If your feline’s eyes have a strange appearance and are watery, irritability and aggressiveness or another obvious physical aspect such as dull hair or that it has any part of its body inflamed.

They are also signs that your pet may have a health problem. Keep in mind that if a cat is sick it can also purr.

My cat loses balance

If you see that your kitten is more asleep than normal, it is listless and it is difficult for them to maintain its balance when it walks, it may be that it has become ill, for this reason it is essential that you take them to the specialist.

My cat does not urinate well

If you think that there is something that is not working quite well with your kitten, it is essential that you look at its litter box to see how it evacuates and if it urinates normally or has difficulty in doing so, this is an unequivocal sign that it may be sick.

My cat sleeps more than usual

You have to pay attention to the time your feline spends sleeping, since cats that are sick sleep more. You should keep your pet under observation for other signs of illness such as diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, or loss of appetite.

If you see that the symptoms are increasing, you have to take him to the vet.

My cat has changed weight

You have to look at the silhouette of your pet and its weight. If there is any change in its weight , you have to take them to the vet. The fact that your cat loses weight suddenly or gradually, can be a sign that it is sick.

To be sure, you should weigh them once a week at home and if you see that it continues to lose weight, you should ask your veterinarian.

My cat has a temperature

Check the temperature of your feline to rule out that it has a fever, to do this use a rectal thermometer. But if it gets nervous, take them to the vet to have them do it.

A normal temperature is between 37.5 and 39 ° C (99.5 and 102.5 ° F), but if it is above it is considered elevated and if it is 39.4 ° C (103 ° F) it is considered to have a fever This is when you have to take your pet to the vet.

My cat has lumps

You should groom your pet often to check for new growths or lumps. You have to know that most abscesses or lumps are benign, however, if they ooze or hurt it is necessary to check them.

Also pay attention to the bad odors that come from infected scratches , if so, take your kitten to the vet, because if it is not treated, it can suffer blood poisoning from the infection.

My cat is dehydrated

You have to check if your pussy is dehydrated. The amount of water your feline drinks depends on whether it takes wet food (if so, it will drink little water) or dry food (then it is normal for them to drink more).

There are diseases of cats that make them drink more than usual, such as kidney disease, some infections, diabetes and an overactive thyroid .

My cat does not wash

Check your feline’s hair. When a kitten is sick, it usually does not have the strength to clean itself. Then hair that was previously well-groomed and shiny will become matted, dull, and matted.

If this happens, it could be that your cat is sick, although sometimes stress can also cause weight loss or that he no longer grooms as much as he used to.

My cat is breathing fast

Check if your furry friend has breathing problems. If you see that your cat breathes very fast and shallow or does it with its mouth open and has not done any type of exercise, it is important that you take them to the vet. You must consider yourself whether their breathing is difficult or not.

My cat has gum discoloration

Check your pussy’s mouth, look for its gums are discolored. If your pet has black gums and at some point you see that they turn pale, it may be that it has gotten sick.

You also have to smell your cat’s breath, if you notice a very strong and strange smell that is not due to anything it has eaten, it may be that your cat has a health problem.

My cat isolates themselves

The hide may be another sign that something is not at all well with your kitty. We know that cats from time to time like to get lost in some corner of the house, but if they start to isolate themselves more than normal, that is not good at all.

Remember that cats often show us their pain or suffering and prefer to hide. Therefore, if your cat prefers to be isolated from the world, this is also a sign that something bad is happening to them.

My cat is in pain

If your cat manifests any discomfort when holding it, that is, it complains as if it hurts something, you should check its entire body in order to locate where this pain that it may be presenting comes from.

It can be treated from some type of fracture, to some type of rash on your skin, such as a rash, an allergy or an insect or flea bite.

My cat coughs or sneezes

Any type of cough or sneeze that your feline pet presents is important that you pay attention to it. Although it could be a temporary allergy, if this cough or sneeze becomes constant, it will be very important that you take it to treatment to find out what the cause is, and of course, treat it with the appropriate medication.

My cat is aggressive

An aggressive behavior sudden can also be a clear warning that your cat is doing badly. This is an involuntary and totally normal reaction since pain, as it happens in us human beings, often causes us irritability.

That is, if your kitten from one moment to another begins to have a very aggressive behaviour with you or with its entire environment, it can be a clear sign that it has some discomfort that is causing this irritability.

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