How to know if my Hamster is Male or Female

Although we know that you will love it anyway, it is important to know the sex of our pets . If you are wondering “how do I know if my hamster is male or female?” we help you determine it yourself.

How to know if my hamster is male or female

To find out the sex of your hamster, just follow this process:

1. Find the right time

The best time is when your hamster is awake and relaxed . Do not do it when he is nervous or asleep, if you bother him he could bite you.

Well, the best way is to place it in your hands and play with it a bit before taking the test . These animals do not like to be on their backs, so it is important that they feel comfortable and do not want to escape. When he’s ready, take a look at the bottom and back of his body.

2. Anticipate a possible fall

Your hamster may be bothered or upset by what you are doing and may fall. Just in case it happens, put a pillow or padded box under him so he doesn’t hurt himself. In the event of a fall, try to make it as traumatic as possible so that you don’t get nervous.

The proper way to catch your hamster is as follows: place the palm of one hand under its body, to support its tummy. With the other hand, grasp it from the loose skin just above the shoulder blades ; that is to say, by the nape of the neck, just as mothers take their young. In this way, you will control his head well and he will not be able to bite you.

3. Prepare the position for the exam

Place your hamster on its back , making sure to have a good grip on its back. Now is the time to observe: a good indication of whether a hamster is male or female is size; it will be especially easy if you have several hamsters.

4. Other differences between the sexes

If the size option does not clarify it, to find out if a hamster is male or female, look at its back : males have it elongated and pointed, while that of females is more rounded.

Look at the underside of the hamster, in the area attached to the tail. This will be easier if you have already reached sexual maturity, which occurs around 35 days.

5. Hamster Sex difference

If when observing its belly and the area of ​​the tail you find 6 pairs of breasts, it is a female . If you see testicles (if there are you will see them, they are quite prominent) then it is a male.

The dwarf hamster species also have a scent gland in that area . It is very visible, yellow and is in the navel area. If you don’t see it, your hamster has not yet reached sexual maturity.

You already know how to know the sex of your hamster! The truth is that it is not difficult at all, the only thing you have to take care of is choosing the right moment and catching your hamster in the right way.

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