How to keep your cat active and cool this summer: many ideas

In summer, with the heat, our cat is less active. But since he needs exercise all year round, here’s how to keep him cool yet energetic.

When summer arrives and its excessive heat, we would like to do nothing but relax. And our pets want to pull the brakes a little too, to get some relief from the heat. And cats are very skilled in finding the coolest places in the house, where they can shelter from the heat, perhaps lying in the bathroom on the floor, or finding strategic points where the air currents meet. But even if our cat is less active in the summer, he certainly cannot sleep for all these months: he must do some physical activity for his health. And here we have to come up with some stimulating activities for our cat.

A fresh and tasty idea for the cat

One way to keep our cat cool, while still keeping it active in the summer, is to create ice cubes made with meat broth . They are very easy to make, fresh and fun for the kitty.

It is important to make the broth at home, starting with fresh water and raw meat. We do not add spices or vegetables. We absolutely must not use the broth on the market

Commercial broth is not good, because it is usually flavored with ingredients that can be bad for the cat: garlic, salt, spices, just to name a few. Instead, we use our cat’s favorite meat, including bones.

Put the meat and water in a large pot, and let it boil for as long as necessary (it depends on both the type of meat chosen and the amount of water). We do not add anything.

After preparing this broth, we must skim the fat with a colander, and then pour the broth into the ice cube molds. One way to make them even more palatable is to also put a piece of meat in the broth, before putting it in the freezer.

After they are frozen, we use a large and shallow bowl to offer a couple of cubes to our cat. She’ll love tasting the melting broth, before making it to the surprise meat prize.

Some water games for the summer

Water guns, water balloons, splashing and splashing are a great pastime. Playing with the water in the summer is a lot of fun, and it will also be a way for the cat to be more stimulated to do activities with his toys.

We float empty plastic balls (and other water-friendly toys) in a bowl, or sink, with water. Our cat will love to hit them with his paws, and try to catch them.

However, we always make sure that the toys are safe, that the cat cannot swallow or bite them by taking them apart and then ingesting parts. Fun yes, but always safe.

Another fun game for the cat can be running water: cats love to squeeze it, hit it, touch it with their paws and, of course, drink it. We might think about buying taps with a motion sensor.

These taps are motion sensitive, and easily connect to existing taps in the kitchen or bathroom. Cats are very intelligent, and in a short time they learn to move their paws to activate them.

There are also pet fountains, in many varieties and of all prices. However, these must be selected according to our cat, and must be cleaned at least once a week.

Stimulating ideas for the cat

Like humans, cats are also different from each other individually. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to games. So, to keep our cat active in the summer, we need to get to know him.

There are cats who love to play with balls, others the puzzles that give food prizes, others chase toys attached to a string or rod. Some run with their toy in their mouths, others chase them across the floor. Each cat is different.

But of course, one of cats’ favorite pastimes is a nice perch or complex structure on which to climb and rest high up. From here, in fact, our furry dogs can look down on their kingdom.

If possible, we should make sure to place them near one of the windows, always screened and secured. It will be the perfect place from which to watch what happens in our neighborhood, while the cat enjoys some coolness.

If we manage to organize our play sessions with the cat, with the toys he prefers, including the possibility of developing his territory vertically, it will really be a fantastic summer!

And last but not least, the cat is an animal that loves to play, doze and rest in its hiding places: boxes, bags, tunnels, spaces under furniture, and who knows how many other places.

Be careful not to leave dangerous bags lying around: those in paper and without handles are safe. We do not, if possible, use plastic bags in the house. They could be a choking hazard if the cat gets inside.

We encourage our cat to use them actively this summer, perhaps by putting toys and pressing inside them, so that they don’t use the hiding places just for sleeping and hiding.

We choose when it’s time to play

We do not force the cat to play in too hot moments of the day: it could have serious repercussions on its health. We encourage the cat in the coolest hours, in the morning and in the evening.

We could get his attention by rubbing his toys with catnip, or with a food he loves. If possible, we incorporate food rewards into his games and activities to encourage him to eat and play.

We always remember that our cat risks health problems in case of overheating, but also based on its specific limits, based on age and its health conditions.

Cats that are very young, old ones, or those who have physical impairments, cannot play with the same intensity and pace as others, and we must not force them if we see that they are tired or fatigued.

Kittens are often pushed to play beyond their limits due to their youthful enthusiasm, but if we see them panting and breathing hard, let’s stop and let them rest. We customize the activities on the needs of our cat.

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