How to get your dog used to sleep alone

Have you just bought a puppy and there is no way to make him sleep in his kennel? Howling at night, doesn’t want to sleep or tries to crawl into your bed? Listening to him and allowing him to slip into places other than his kennel is a mistake. Find out below how to get your puppy to sleep in his kennel, even if he doesn’t want to.  

Why does my dog ​​cry at night and don’t want to sleep alone?

The fact that the dog howls and barks at night and seeks your company is not due to malice or a desire to annoy. On the contrary, it is a probable consequence of having been separated from his mother and siblings, and of the fact that he is not used to sleeping alone. But it doesn’t matter, the owners have to accustom the dog to sleep alone.

What you have to do is remain impassive: you must not run, shout or do any kind of action that may make the dog think that you have heard it and that we will come to its aid when it cries at night, even if it is annoying . The best thing to do is ignore it, even though it is difficult for both the puppy and the owner. In this way he will understand that however much he may cry he will not receive attention, he will understand that the basket is his bed and that no one will play with him, eventually getting used to it.

Furthermore, for his education it is good that he gets used to not being in the arms of his masters all day. He must understand his place in the family. Clearly the transition period is difficult; on average, a puppy takes 7 days to get used to his new bed, a week that will be characterized by nocturnal moans, scratches and barking. This is why it is good to warn the neighbors that you have come into possession of a new dog that is getting used to sleeping alone, apologizing for the problems this may cause.

Tricks to get your dog to sleep well and in his place

The first thing to do for your dog to sleep well is to properly prepare the  house and its space before his arrival . It is important to bring him home in the morning so that he can familiarize himself with his personal space, his kennel etc … if you also let your dog stay in a quiet and relaxing area before sleeping, and you can find a treat in his place, this will help him sleep better and more peaceful.

It is important not to let your dog sleep all day, and to get him to exercise regularly so that he gets tired and sleeps better regardless of where. The amount of exercise your dog will need will depend not so much on his size as on the breed. There are more restless breeds that need more physical activity, especially those that were used for grazing – such as the Collie or the German Shepherd . If the dog does not want to go to sleep, you can try yawning to make him sleepy and fall asleep.

The dogs are extremely sensitive to sounds, and sensations change. In the face of recent changes, the presence of new noises or the longing for some sensation, it will be more difficult for him to sleep. For example, if he is used to sleeping in an enclosed, confined space, such as a cage, he will find it difficult to sleep in an open space. And vice versa, should he sleep in a cage, he will refuse to enter. The solution in both cases is to be affectionate but firm, to use a positive tone of voice to make sure that she doesn’t take it as a punishment and learn to sleep relaxed . A trick is to get him to find a treat on the bed or in the cage so that he can enter with pleasure.

An important and often overlooked aspect is that dogs get a boost of energy after meals: if you feed them just before bed, it will cost them a lot to fall asleep. It is best to feed him at least two hours before bedtime, and then take him for a walk afterwards. In this way he will consume the energy acquired during the meal with a walk, during which, to tire him more, he can be made to do exercises such as jumps or jogging.

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