How to get your cat to take medicine

At first glance, administering medicine to the cat may seem like an impossible task, but to do so, just follow these simple tricks.

Is your cat sick and has the vet prescribed drug treatment? Is this the first time you have given medicine and you don’t know how to do it and will you be able to react? On the contrary, do you know your feline and do you already know that an epic endeavor awaits you?
Do not worry: whether they are tabletspowdersliquidsear drops or ophthalmic eye drops, this little guide will help you to deal with the problem because ” just a little sugar and the pill goes down” is not good for our friends on all fours.

To each medicine its advice

The cat cannot bear the constraints so never be brutal and abrupt in giving medicines, but on the contrary determined and quick. Here’s how to do it depending on the drug to be administered.

  • Tablets or tablets: cats recognize the sound of the blister or the jar and the smell so handle the medicine without the furry dog ​​noticing. Insert the pill in your mouth, at the bottom of the tongue, but if you can’t try to hide it in a delicious morsel not before having covered it with olive oil in order to hide its flavor.
  • Powders: if they are small in quantity and do not give off particularly annoying odors, you can simply mix them with food. If, on the other hand, they give off unpleasant odors, dissolve them in a little cream and brush on the nose and / or in the interdigital spaces. By licking the cat will take its medicine. You can also decide to crumble the tablets or dissolve the powders in a little water or sardine oil or olive oil or anchovy paste and then transform the solid into a liquid.
  • Liquids: nothing easier… administered with a syringe without a needle.
  • Ear drops: whether you suffer from hot ears or otherwise, the drops are often prescribed by vets. Gently take your cat and tilt its head so that the ear canal is placed vertically and after gently tilting the pavilion itself towards the outside of the head, introduce the dropper and let the medicine go down. Conclude the operation with a couple of minutes of massage to the external auricle, always keeping the canal vertical.
  • Eye drops: Cats suffer from various eye diseases, including, for example the third eyelid. As with the drops, gently hold the cat’s head with your left hand and pull the lower eyelid down with your index finger. Hold the bottle with the thumb, index and middle finger of your right hand, while with your ring finger pull the upper lid upwards. At this point, drop the number of drops indicated by the veterinarian.

Also look out for these other 5 little tips !

  1. Avoid putting your finger between the cat’s teeth to decrease the possibility of it biting you;
  2. be very patient and give him the medicine slowly;
  3. never administer a dose higher than that prescribed by the veterinarian;
  4. ask the latter if you can crush the tablets to transform them into liquid, do not decide without consulting him;
  5. reward the little dog, perhaps with a bite of his favorite food.

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