How to get rid of wet dog odor

When dogs get wet, they give off a very unpleasant smell; to avoid this, you can make our dog wear waterproof clothing

It will certainly be a scenario that is not new at all: you went for a walk and were surprised by the rain, which soaked your dog. The smell of your best friend is unbearable and spreads throughout the house. In this article, we explain how to get rid of wet dog odor.

Why does a dog smell so bad when wet?

It is certainly one of the most common questions you will have asked about your four-legged friend. It doesn’t matter if he’s soaked from a bath or rain ; instead of giving off a good smell, it gives off a very bad one .

This smell is due to a natural oil generated by the animal’s skin, which serves as a protection. There are breeds, such as hunting ones , that generate much more, but it is something common to all dogs. It is commonly known as ” sebum “.

When this natural oil comes into contact with water, regardless of whether it is rain, fresh or salt water, it generates a bacterium that spreads a foul-smelling odor . It is for this reason that when a dog gets wet, it must be dried immediately to eliminate this bacterium and, consequently, the smell it generates.

How to get rid of the wet dog odor plague?

To get rid of the wet dog smell, you will need to dry it immediately . If you haven’t, what happens? It happens that your dog, as well as your belongings and your home, probably start to smell like a wet dog. What to do then?

Ventilate the house

First of all, open doors and windows to let the bad smell out. This maneuver will give breath to the environment by letting clean air into the house.

Dry clean the dog

Wash your dog again, but dry. It is important not to leave it wet around the house , as this will only spread the wet dog smell further.

After drying it, you can apply a soft eau de cologne which, although it may not like it, will make it smell much more pleasant.

Clean the house

The best thing once your dog is cleaned and dried is to leave him in one room while you wash the rest of the house . Once this is done, the dog will be free to return to his spaces and everything will return to normal.

Wash his things

His kennel and fur will also have absorbed the smell of wet dog. Consequently, wash these as well! The same fate also applies to any object with which your dog may have come into contact, on the sofa, in the kennel, or at any time without you realizing it.

What else to do?

Another tip we would like to give you to avoid the smell of wet dog is to get a raincoat and boots suitable for your dog. To those who are not used to dressing their dog, it may seem ridiculous, but it is extremely practical.

When you return to the house, taking off his boots will have prevented his paws from getting wet. This will then prevent the spread of wet dog odor, without the need to wash it a second time.

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