How to get rid of dog smell from your home

There is a fear that grips most dog owners, namely that a bad smell lingers in their homes . It is clear that our animal is one of the protagonists of the house, yet its presence should not be perceived every time the door is opened. Also because if this happens, even if we are the cleanest people in the world we could give the opposite impression. This problem is easily avoided, and below you will find all the information you need on how to get rid of dog odor from your home.

The smell of dogs is stronger than that of other animals

First of all, it is good to clarify that dogs have a stronger body odor than other pets , such as cats; for this reason, if we do not take particular care of the hygienic aspect, our home could end up impregnated with their smell. It should also not be forgotten that some breeds smell more than others . Among the less odorous breeds we find the poodles , which due to their size are ideal dogs to share our life with .

Tips on how to get rid of dog odor from your home

  • Determine the intensity of your dog’s scent . Keep in mind that as with other perfumes, dog owners tend to get used to the smell of their dog, so it would be better to ask a trusted person if you smell bad smells in your home. Sometimes the smell is so intense that you will notice it yourself, and in that case it could be a symptom of some disease. An excessively strong odor can also be due to a weight problem, as fat in animals can have these effects. In both cases you need to consult a veterinarian.
  • A good bathroom . Try mixing your pet’s shampoo bottle with a cup of vinegar which, as you know, is ideal for general cleaning. Use the liquid obtained to bathe your dog. Once finished, let him dry inside the bathroom so that he is not exposed to bad smells that could soak into his fur. Repeat the bath every 15 days.
  • Eliminate bad breath . Your dog’s bad smell could also be due to his own breath . For this reason it is essential that you take care of his teeth since he is a puppy. There are special brushes for the mouth of dogs and it is good to use them. You can also use some other tricks to keep your dog’s breath always fresh, such as a little celery or carrot, which will also serve to clean his teeth. On the market there are toothpaste bars designed specifically for the hygiene of the mouth of dogs.
  • All his utensils must be clean . There’s no point in trying to clean your dog if you don’t mind cleaning the rest of his things. You will need to wash his bed, duvet, blanket and toys regularly . The ideal would be to make the cleaning of his objects coincide with the day you bathe him.
  • Take care of the rest of the house . If your pet spends most of the day inside your home, its smell will remain in the air in all places where it spends most of its time. That said, remember that it is important that you clean all rooms frequently and that you use air fresheners.
  • Apple cider vinegar . As we said before, it can be useful for cleaning your pet, but it can also be used for general house cleaning. Pour some into the water to clean the floor or into the washing machine when you do a laundry with its utensils. You will get rid of the dog smell for once.
  • Baking soda . Put some baking soda in the places in the house where your dog tends to spend the most time overnight, and don’t pick it up until the next morning. It is a strong odor absorber, but be careful not to leave it within your dog’s reach as it could be toxic to him.
  • Air purifiers . A slightly cheaper but very helpful option is to place an air purifier in your home. With this tool you will not only eliminate bad smells, but it will also eliminate many substances that contaminate homes.

If you put into practice all the tips we have seen, you will certainly be able to make your home a place free from that annoying dog smell that sometimes becomes really unpleasant.

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