How to feed a Cat that has Oral Problems

Food for the cat with oral problems? Let’s see what it is possible to administer to the feline in this particular condition, along with useful tips to help him in hygiene.

When taking care of a feline, it is good to know that no aspect of its hygiene and physical health should be neglected. The furry servant must be able to count on our daily help and attention, as far as possible to protect him. Since he is a puppy, however, problems can develop in him, such as dental ones and it becomes difficult to understand how to feed him. Let’s see together what is the food for the cat with oral cavity problems.

Food for cats with oral problems: the usefulness of kibble

If your cat has dental problems it is essential to take care of it even more and choose the correct diet for it, in order to guarantee it daily well-being. Here is everything you need to know about suitable food for a cat with oral problems.

A cat with oral problems needs more attention every day, both in terms of a healthy diet and for its oral hygiene.

It is not easy to find the right foods for the feline with these problems but, with the help of your trusted veterinarian, a solution can be found.

The feline is an animal that cannot take care of cleaning its teeth and mouth on its own, which is why it is an easy victim, from the third year of age, of very annoying problems such as dental infections, gingivitis in cats and bad breath in cats.

The best nutrition for a cat with oral problems should include dry food, as this better preserves the health of its teeth.

In fact, by administering kibble to the furry dog, they can rub against the teeth and, therefore, simulate brushing. A kind of tooth cleaning product. This does not happen if the cat swallows food that does not require chewing.

Special kibble for the cat with dental problems

There are specific treats, on the market, designed for these feline problems. These are kibble that have the power to fight bad breath, tartar in cats, plaque formation and other ailments.

These treats are softer, to facilitate chewing which can be painful; they are wider, so that the cat chews them properly without throwing everything down right away.

The feline diet based on this food can be an excellent ally in the prevention and maintenance of good health of the cat’s mouth and teeth, even if it is not a definitive solution.

The feline and dental problems: useful and natural tips for oral hygiene

Along with suitable and specific nutrition, a lot of attention must be paid to the cleaning and oral hygiene of the cat. It is possible to counteract some ailments, which can also worsen over time if not treated, with simple methods to be put into practice every day. Let’s see how to behave for the health of the cat.

We must know that keeping the cat’s jaws healthy is essential to prevent the development of diseases that can ruin the physical balance of the animal. When consistent layers of plaque and tartar are formed, they can also affect digestion and the cardio-circulatory system of the feline.

By using the right food for your condition and brushing your dog’s teeth properly every day, plaque can be removed. But what if the cat rebels and doesn’t want to be washed?

It is possible to brush his teeth gently, with a cotton swab or a microfibre glove, remembering  never to use toothpaste for humans, as he could ingest it by mistake or risk being damaged.  

There are toothpastes created especially for him, as well as aqueous gels to apply on each individual tooth of the dog, together with solutions to be dissolved in water, useful for a longer lasting cleaning.

The well-being of the cat’s oral cavity can be maintained with small and simple daily gestures, together with the advice of the expert doctor.

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