How to educate a jealous dog

It’s amazing how dogs can resemble us humans: they need our affection, our attention, that we give them time and even have feelings. Those who own a dog will know this very well.

In this article we will talk about jealousy in dogs, a very common feeling that arises when a new member of the family or a new pet arrives . It is for this reason that when we already have a dog and want to adopt a new one we will have to think carefully about it. If, on the other hand, you have already adopted one and jealousy has sprouted, we will explain how to educate your jealous dog.

Jealousy in dogs

The fact that a dog feels jealous can largely depend on the education you have given him. He can show signs of jealousy in many situations , especially in front of a person or animal who steals his lead role.

Your dog may begin to feel jealous when a change of roles occurs , i.e. when a new member of the family arrives. For this reason, the attitude of the bosses in the face of this type of situation is important.

Jealousy can also be caused by sexual reasons, such as disputes over female dogs in heat , which is something instinctive in dogs that suffer from it to carry on the species.

A dog can also be jealous for reasons of attention received , when a new person arrives in the house or in case the owners pay more attention to something else. They perceive this lack of attention and feel a sense of insecurity that will lead them to make a complaint against the owner.

Signs of jealousy in dogs

One of the questions that dog owners often have to ask themselves is the certainty of the reason that afflicts their dog. To understand this, you can learn to pay attention to some symptoms or signs in your pet:

  • You change in everyday behavior, for example if he suddenly starts grunting for no apparent reason and then calms down on his own.
  • If a new person or pet appears in the house and your dog is irritated , jealousy is likely to be the cause.
  • If he is possessive or nagging towards the animal or person he is jealous of, following it step by step and feeling obsessed with it.
  • He may even go so far as to bite objects , something he did not do before, in order to attract the attention of the person he is jealous of.
  • In extreme cases, jealousy can become pathological and coexistence can become unsustainable . In this case the solution is difficult to find.

Controlling jealousy in dogs

The education

Education plays a key role in ensuring that a  dog does not suffer from jealousy in the future. Since he is a puppy, he has to get used to relating to other dogs and pets , as well as to other humans. If he gets used to sharing his toys, going out for walks with other animals or even relating to children , rest assured that in the end he will not see the new person or the new dog as an intruder.

A newcomer to the house

If you already own a dog and are planning to adopt another one, you must  be sure that the pet already living in the house will not present any problems . If you decide that they will have to live together you will have to introduce them, let them smell and relate; in the first days, however, avoid that they remain alone.

Your behaviour

It is very important that  you do not lose your nerves and do not use physical punishment against your dog, otherwise you will make things worse. However, you must always show your authority and make things clear. You should also spend time with your dog playing and walking with him, as well as feeding him.

Pay the same attention to both dogs

A very important thing to do is to avoid competition between the two dogs , so spend the same time for both, playing with them and treating them the same even if the newcomer is a puppy. In this way you will avoid running into problems of jealousy on the part of the “old” dog, who will not feel replaced.

To avoid problems with food , both of them will have to eat in different bowls and separate places, so that they do not run into fights.

Other tips

  • You have to be the one to set the rules , don’t let your dog put your feet on your head.
  • It is very important to mark a hierarchy where it is you who occupy the highest place, and he is the last.
  • If your  dog is jealous, the person he’s jealous of corrects him.
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