How to earn my rabbit’s trust?

How to earn my rabbit’s trust ? As a pet we must first know them very well, know what its reactions are, its likes and the things it does not like so that it can become a faithful friend.

Earn my rabbit’s trust

Earning the trust of a rabbit is a bit more difficult than gaining that of a cat or dog. It is a mammal used to being a prey, so it interprets any other larger being as a possible predator. That is why your main task is to make your new friend understand that you will not be any danger to them.

1. Find out what intimidates or worries you:

In general, rabbits hate being picked up, off the ground, so doing so will only cause them to fear you and run away from you. Especially at the beginning it is important not to make too much noise. Try to get a space of tranquillity and peace.

If your rabbit is scared, it will try to hide and it may even be a bit aggressive, because something you have done indicated that you are a danger to it. In general, they prefer not to touch the area of ​​the head, the tail or the legs, although for example Tambor loves that we caress its head, nose and ears. Remember that each rabbit has its tastes, just like humans.

2. Give them its space

Let them inspect, sniff, run … Don’t be behind them all the time. You need to know where you are and where you live.

3. Get closer to them

You have to earn their trust little by little and patiently. It can take a few minutes, a day, or even weeks or months. It depends on the character of the rabbit and if you are willing to be patient and loving.

Food is one of the best ways to get their attention. If it is not yet comfortable in its space, it will not approach you.

Grab some food and sit close to them, always without invading its space. Little by little it will get closer to you. They will surely run away with it to another place since they are very distrustful and often think that you are going to take it away. Repeat the process several times and you will see how little by little you will gain confidence.

Respect their personality

We all like our bunny to show us affection, but not all rabbits are equally affectionate, you must understand this and not force it. You have to love it as it is, which will help create a bond between you.

Summary: How to win my rabbit’s trust?

  • Put a treat like a piece of carrot or a piece of apple in your hand.
  • Lie face down on the floor or sit close to them.
  • Don’t expect your rabbit to come to you quickly. Stay calm, be patient, even if it takes an hour or more. Rabbits are curious animals, and eventually, they will come to you to sniff you out.
  • Resist the urge to reach out and pass your hand to your bunny. Rather, let them sniff you, stand on you, and know your scent. This will teach them that you are not a threat to them.
  • Do this every day. Little by little, you can start by scratching its forehead (rabbits love this). Never impose yourself on them and never pursue them.
  • Once the rabbit learns that you are its friend, it will reach out to you and create strong affectionate bonds with you.

I hope I have helped you with these tips to get your rabbit’s confidence. 

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