How to clean a house with many cats

If we have decided to have many cats in the house, the need to keep clean multiplies given the number of four-legged guests. Let’s see some tips on how to clean a house with many cats, some tricks that can help us maintain domestic hygiene.

When we live with many cats, especially if for a long time, maybe we no longer even notice the difficulties we have compared to those who have only one furry friend. Over the years, we have probably acquired the experience necessary to manage them but it is often complex to keep our house really clean, perhaps it has now become the kingdom of our cats.

Gattari / eo no, no more dirty!

There are many stereotypes about who has many cats, sometimes it is believed that when you have more cats you necessarily tend to take on a smell of urine or litter, if not of simple fur. Of course in some cases unfortunately it happens, but it is enough to have planning, tenacity and elbow grease to be able to have a house full of cats and hygiene, safety and happiness for us and our friends with mustaches.

Here are some tips that should be assimilated in order to have maximum cleanliness at home without giving up the love of our cats.

Carpets? No thanks

Let’s get rid of all the carpets! Carpets are dirty and annoying, and they are truly impossible to really clean at all. They are usually made up of some plastic parts, and the plastic absorbs odors in the worst possible way .

Have you ever noticed how the plastic containers we use for food retain the smell of food even if we wash them in the dishwasher? The same goes for the plastic in our carpets. We choose wooden or laminate floors, if we really can’t do without the aesthetic side. They will be easy to clean when needed, and once cleaned the smell will be gone!

More litter boxes, more hygiene

We try to have at least one litter box for every two cats. Some specialists will say a cat litter box, but if we don’t have the space this number will suffice.

A room dedicated to… cat stuff

For convenience, it would be ideal to have a room dedicated to everything cats need: food, water, toys, scratching posts, litter boxes, beds. This way, all the dirt will stay in one room, and it will be easier to keep the rest of the house clean when the clutter isn’t spreading around. A little organization is all it takes to clean a house with many cats effortlessly.

A tip: keep the litter boxes in the corner opposite the door, so as not to intercept the litter boxes as much as possible.

Neutralizer for odors always at hand

No matter what brand we use, we always try to have an enzyme-based pet odor neutralizer ready. It will be essential to follow the instructions of the product we choose, to avoid wasting it and having to use it several times.

We stay above the dirt

When we see something dirty, we immediately clean it until it is fresh – so to speak. The less time the dirt stays in the house, the less time it will have to permeate wherever our cat has decided to give us that stinking gift.

We dust and vacuum at least weekly

Dust, cat hair, litter box dirt – everything that is scattered around the house smells. The sooner we get rid of it and the more often we clean it, the easier our home will not absorb bad smells. One of the problems of cleaning a house with many cats is the risk of neglecting the dirt.

We remember that the house is in a certain sense alive, and breathes the air produced by our lifestyle. Houses and furniture made of wood (or wood derivatives), not to mention plastic, absorb this air and the odors it contains. And we don’t want these smells to become permanent.

We clean the litter boxes regularly

We check the litter boxes daily and change them whenever we can’t get rid of their smell completely. Recall that a litter box is like a squat litter in the house, so it will smell bad as we dig and bury the dirt. It would be the same if we don’t flush the toilet for a week… but forget it.

All fabrics must be machine washable

Any fabric we have in the house – and I really mean all fabrics – should be machine washable: curtains, sofa covers, cushions, sofas, rugs, cat beds. The fabric also absorbs odors and we know that our cats tend to leave some need on these surfaces. Being able to wash them directly in the washing machine, and really cleaning them completely is much more practical.

In conclusion, many cats a lot of hygiene?

Some of the tips listed here may seem like common sense, but in reality once you apply them all together, we will be able to see the results. And we will be able to live in hygiene and happiness with our many cat roommates.

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