How to care for a Hamster: Tips

Having a hamster as a pet is a very good decision , especially if it is your first pet or if you have children. They are sweet, loving and a lot of fun, as well as being easy to maintain and very cheap. But how to take care of a hamster? Well cared for, a hamster can live for around five years , but there are certain things to keep in mind. Do you want to know what to do? We will tell you!

How to care for a hamster

If you are adopting a hamster, the first thing to do is make sure you have all of this ready for him when he gets home:

  • A hollow ball to run and a wheel for rodents
  • Recycled paper or pine shavings
  • Hamster food
  • Disinfectant for your cage
  • Cage: can be plastic, metal or aquarium type
  • Small water bottle for rodents
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables

When the hamster gets home, follow this process …

  1. The first thing you should know about how to care for a hamster is that its cage should be located in a warm place, away from drafts. Nor should it be in direct sunlight, look for a place with a medium and cozy temperature . In addition, the cage should be the most appropriate, depending on how many hamsters you are going to have or the size.
  2. To make it as comfortable as possible, you have to cover the bottom of the cage with some shavings. It is better if it is not as fine as sawdust, the best is pine shavings ; it is absorbent, non-toxic, and ideally sized for your comfort. In addition, it will help maintain good hygiene in its cage.
  3. The hamster must always have fresh water at its disposal. The best are the specific drinkers that are fixed in the cage. Important! Place it high enough so that the chips don’t get wet, or they could break down and make the hamster sick. On the other hand, remember to put clean water every day.
  4. Remember that it is a rodent! Provide toys that he can entertain and nibble with. You can buy specific toys for this in pet stores or give them things that you have at home. For example, they often find cardboard toilet paper tubes especially interesting.
  5. Prepare your bed! The sleeping space should be well differentiated from the rest of the cage. Too easy! A small cardboard box is enough: cut a hole its size so that it can enter and exit. Clever! The hamster himself will fill it with chips and sleep in it. Since they don’t urinate where they sleep, it will serve for months before needing to be replaced.

Care that hamsters need

You already know how to prepare your house, but to know how to take care of a hamster there are even more things that you must take into account to take care of it in its day to day life.

On the one hand, your diet is very important. Find a good quality hamster food and supplement it with vegetables. Hamsters generally eat once or twice a day.

Get a good workout! Take him out of the cage once or twice a day and put him in his running ball , always under surveillance. Also, you can put a wheel inside its cage.

Do not forget the cleanliness of the cage, hygiene is very important for good health. At least once a week, you need to wash and disinfect their cage, throw away the old shavings, and put in a new bedding. If there are any uneaten fruit and vegetables, throw them out.

Make sure to secure your hamster while you do this so that he doesn’t run away or be in danger. Putting him that time on his running ball in a closed room is a good idea.

Should You Bathe a Hamster?

No, Hamsters should not be bathed! They clean themselves, if you notice that it smells bad, it may be their cage, just clean it.

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