How to brush a rabbit’s fur

Rabbits, like cats, are animals that are responsible for caring for and keeping their fur clean, but unlike these, rabbits cannot expel ingested hair (since they cannot vomit). It is for this reason that brushing in rabbits is very important, since with it, the rabbit is prevented from ingesting excess hair, leading to health problems. Read on to find out how to brush a rabbit’s fur.

How to comb your bunny?

When brushing a rabbit, it must be taken into account that this situation can cause stress, so brushing should be done with a safe attitude but with great care and in a relaxed way.

The areas where you should put more interest when combing a rabbit are: the belly, behind the ears and above the tail, since this is where it has more dead hair. There are some rabbits that you have to brush their face like lion head rabbits (this is the breed of my drum bunny ). In this case we must take special care with the eyes so as not to harm them.

What kind of hair can a rabbit have?

Rabbits can have short or long fur.

The frequency of brushing in short-haired rabbits will be between 2 or 3 times a week, and in long-haired rabbits, between 3 or 4 times a week, being advisable to do it daily. In both cases, brushing will have to be daily in times of shedding.

In long-haired rabbits, more attention should be paid, since they are prone to having knots in their fur.

  • Flat metal comb: Used on long-haired rabbits to untangle knots.
  • Furminator: Used in the molting season, especially in long-haired rabbits, although they also exist for short-haired rabbits. It is important that we do not press with this comb when brushing.
  • Cards: Removes dead hair and provides cupping in long-haired rabbits.
  • Double brush: Used in short-haired rabbits. The cushioned metallic bristles comb out dead hair, and the soft bristles brighten the hair.
  • Mitten: More flexible and easier to use than a brush. Recommended for short-haired rabbits.

Always brush in the direction of the fur and don’t brush too hard. Be careful not to hurt your bunny!

Once you finish brushing the rabbit, you should clean the brush and change it at least once a year so that it continues to perform its function correctly. It is also advisable that you give your furry some kind of reward so that it realizes that brushing is a good thing, so it will always let you do it.

What if my rabbit’s hair falls out a lot?

In some cases, the fact that your rabbit is losing too much hair or losing hair in specific areas of its body may mean that it is suffering from a disease, so we should consult with the veterinarian as soon as possible how we can improve the state of health of our rabbit and help them to grow back healthy and strong hair all over his body.

What do I do if my rabbit has tangled hair?

To detangle the hair, it is best to use the so-called “emptying scissors” . This cutting instrument allows to lighten the density of tangled hair, thus facilitating the untangling of knots and leaving part of the hair intact.

Never cut your rabbit’s hair completely, as it will remove the protective layer from its fur.

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