How many hours does a cat sleep

Seeing a cat sleeping peacefully is something very sweet. We are also surprised that most of the day is spent lying down with their eyes closed. You can see that they spend many hours sleeping and you will wonder how much cats sleep.

How much does a cat sleep

Many of us wonder, why do cats sleep a lot ? And it is that normally an adult cat sleeps between 12 and 15 hours a day , and a baby kitten about 20 hours a day. But then, why do cats sleep so much ?

The reason that kittens sleep so much is due to issues of age, activity, climate, survival, sexuality, etc. This feline usually looks for cool areas to sleep in summer and in winter it looks for warm places.

Those of us who are fortunate to share our lives with these pets are aware that cats sleep most of the day. And there are times when they sleep so peacefully that it makes you want to sleep next to them, right?

That kittens sleep a lot is not just a perception that one may have. An adult cat sleeps 70% of the day , that is, an average of 12 to 15 hours of sleep. And as they get older, their sleep hours increase.

When kittens are young, until they are 5 weeks old, they sleep about 20 hours a day. Now you know how many hours a cat sleeps a day .

Why do cats sleep so much?

It is used to say that the most important reason why cats sleep so much is their efficiency as a hunter.

Domestic cats do not need or have the ability to hunt, but they still never lose their instincts.

It is due to the fact that it is such a good hunter that the cat does not need to spend so much of its time looking for food and thus it can give itself more to the delight of sleep.

There are multiple reasons why these animals sleep so many hours or why their sleeping habits can change:

  • For survival: that small kittens sleep so many hours is linked to the fact of staying in a safe place, without the danger that their predators can capture them while their mother goes hunting. Also, growth hormone is released while the baby kitten sleeps.
  • By necessity: these cats have to sleep many hours during the day because of their nature, even the domestic ones, which do not use as much energy but continue to maintain this custom of its most rugged origin.
  • According to age: we have already said before that baby kittens sleep much more than adults. Adult cats sleep many hours but are more active, and as the years go by they return to sleep more hours.
  • Because of the temperature: if the temperature is low, the kittens sleep even more, in this way they save energy and stay very warm. Another fact that also helps them regulate their temperature is sleeping in the sun.
  • According to the activity: when your furry friend is bored and does not know how to entertain themselves, it decides to spend more time sleeping. Playing with cats is important for this and for other reasons.
  • In periods of sexual desire : when the kittens are in heat they sleep less, because they spend a good part of the day looking for females, to be noticed by the males, to mark the territory, etc.
  • Due to hunger: kittens that are not domestic and have to hunt to feed themselves do not sleep so many hours, since they have to spend a good part of the day looking for food.

My cat sleeps a lot

Another question that owners ask is, is it normal for a cat to sleep a lot? And the answer is yes. These pets spend a lot of time sleeping, but they don’t sleep often, even if you always seem to see your cat asleep.

They take short naps, sometimes of very few minutes. It is important not to disturb the kitten while it sleeps, as it will react instinctively immediately, and it is annoying for them.

The postures that cats use to sleep are very varied, some of them are truly curious and seem made by contortionists. Many times these cats sleep in very strange positions and also sleep sitting down.

They are very light sleepers most of the time, alternating it with deep dreams in which they even unconsciously move their whiskers, paws, tail, etc.

It is claimed that when these pets sleep they also have some brain activity. We could say that although it is not exactly the same as the human dream, it has a certain similarity.

Normally, in summer the cat chooses a quiet and cool place to sleep , in contrast, in winter it prefers a warm place.

If there is really something that these felines like a lot, it is sleeping in the sun. And, of course, many also choose comfortable places such as our bed.

The cat is a territorial animal, it must be taken into account, it is for this reason that it needs a place to rest. As for domestic cats, you have to provide them with a space so that they can do it.

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