How long can a dog spend alone

When you adopt a pet, you can’t always spend all day together. Chances are you will have to spend some time alone or your circumstances will change and that time will lengthen further. But how long can a dog spend alone ? Today we will try to answer this question, so that you can take care of your pet in a more conscious and responsible way.

Do you know how much time a dog can spend alone in the house?

When you adopt a pet, you do it to have company and take care of it properly. This does not mean that you have to be with him all day, something which is obviously impossible. All work, have family and social commitments, just to name two trivial examples.

The question that arises is whether it is reasonable to adopt a pet that will spend many hours alone indoors. The answer is obviously “no!”. But if you decide to make this choice, there are ways to make this loneliness less harsh and teach your dog to deal with it in a healthy way.

Age is key

The truth is, we’d like to give you the exact number of hours a dog can be alone, but there are several factors that influence the response, including age . It is not the same to leave an adult dog alone for eight hours than a three-month-old puppy.

The puppy will not be able to be without an owner for too long and may suffer from separation anxiety . You must also take into account the fact that the needs of younger dogs are more numerous than those of an already large dog. So, the less time you spend alone, the better it will be.

How long have you adopted it

You have to  take into account the age of your relationship, because the animal will only feel safe and confident if it has known you for a long time . He will suffer less when he has to overcome some time in solitude: he has already assumed the fact that there are times when he has to do without you.

Conversely, if you have just adopted a pet and start abandoning it to itself in the house for 8-10 hours from day one, it is likely that it will feel scared, lonely and sad .

Experts say you should never leave a newly adopted dog alone for more than 3-4 hours a day. At the same time,  it is unhealthy to force an animal into solitude for more than 8 hours, every day . Better to take another type of animal, less dependent, such as a cat.

Dog Alone For Too Long: What Happens?

A dog that does not know the environment, that is not educated and that is still a puppy, can have even serious behavioral problems. He will start biting on furniture, shoes and doors, and he may bark so much that it creates problems with the neighbors . These are only the most visible signs of his unhappiness. But there are other less surprising ones that need to be paid more attention.

We are talking about the emotional and self-esteem problems that the animal can experience on its own skin . The feeling of abandonment, thinking that you don’t love him, that he has done something wrong, fear of an unfamiliar environment, stress, anxiety and depression are very important psychological problems.

On the other hand, spending only many hours in a row can also negatively affect the functioning of your body. For example, with an imbalance of the intestinal flora and of the deposition cycle: the animal will no longer be able to retain feces or urine. An animal can endure eight hours without “going to the bathroom”, but it is an unnatural effort that can damage its health .

Also remember that it is not the same to leave a dog alone for 8 or 10 hours in a row, rather than going home for a couple of hours to be with him for lunch. Nor is it the same to do it at night , for example, when the animal is asleep and less aware of being alone.

Anyway, we suggest you get organized. If you know that your dog will spend eight hours in a row alone or more, you can always resort to a dog sitter or ask for the collaboration of a neighbor or a family member, who can come and see him, maybe take him for a walk or spend time with him. . This will make the wait more bearable and your pet will feel better.

How to prevent a dog from feeling lonely?

Leaving your best friend home alone can be a terrifying experience for both you and him. For this, today we will give you some tips to facilitate the separation, so as to prevent the dog from causing disasters while you are not at home.

Loneliness in animals

Even animals can feel lonely  if they pass a certain time without the company of someone. It is a very common problem that arises due to people’s busy life.

No doubt,  your dog will not like the fact that they spend hours in solitude, it is a situation that intristirà. But don’t despair,  there are very simple and creative solutions to this problem.

Pay attention to the mental health of your 4-legged friend. When animals feel lonely, they tend to draw attention when you return home, to let you know that something is wrong.

You do not have to be angry if the dog pees when he sees you or if he shows you the mess he has created in the house. It is his way of getting your attention.

Anxiety due to loneliness

First of all, you need to recognize the symptoms your dog has. L ‘ anxiety in dogs appears in many forms, which are identified with ease.

One of the main symptoms  is constant barking or howling the  moment you leave. The animal will be aggressive and nervous,  letting you know that it doesn’t want you to leave it alone.

Other behaviors such as  licking objects such as furniture, a lack of appetite or a display of fear  on the part of the dog are clear signs of this malaise. Undoubtedly, your friend loves you madly, but this does not mean you can ignore this situation, you have to solve it in the best possible way.

Keep in mind that if these attitudes are repeated,  you will need to consult a veterinarian.

Tips for leaving your dog alone at home

  • One of the most popular techniques to prevent the dog from feeling lonely is to let him have some toys. The problem is that sooner or later he will end up getting bored with the object, so the solution  is to change the games often.
  • Feeding him before leaving the house is a great idea; the dog will have a full belly all day and will feel satisfied. If you think you are not completely satisfied,  you can hide some snacks around the house to calm down and spend time finding them.
  • A good walk before leaving him alone:  Dogs love spending time outdoors, especially in places where they can play ball or Frisbee. In this way, they will also vent their energy.
  • If you don’t want to leave him alone,  maybe it’s time to adopt another animal. Your dog will be happy to be able to play with his fellow dog while you are not there. Dogs are social animals,  and having a close companion will calm them down.

What shouldn’t you do when leaving your dog alone?

  • Don’t lock him up; if you leave him alone in the house and moreover he cannot move freely, you will damage his mental health, as he may think it is a punishment.
  • Avoid pampering him excessively; this will make him even more dependent on you and separating you will be more and more difficult for both of you. Let him know that he can also be fine on his own.
  •  Don’t smother him with attention ; Try to treat him affectionately without being too detached or too affectionate.
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