How Living with cats improves your heart

Sharing life with felines reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 40%, lowers blood pressure and helps relieve stress.

Is living with cats good for the heart? Scientists say yes. Several studies reveal that people who live with felines are less likely to die from a heart attack and suffer from less heart disease. And not only that. The love these furry friends provide to their humans helps them lower their heart rate, release stress, and be happier, as revealed in this article.

Cats protect your heart, meowing rhythm!

Sharing life with cats protects the heart, reduces the risk of heart attack and makes it less likely to suffer from disease in this important organ. Felines, scientists conclude, help lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

It turns out that people who do not live with cats have a 40% higher risk of suffering a myocardial infarction than those who do share their lives with felines.

How do cats protect your heart?

Living with a pussycat, be it brindle, black, … protects the heart. But how do you do it? Cats help relieve stress from humans, reduce anxiety, and lower blood pressure. In other words: feline love lowers the heart rate and this turns out to be the best protector for the heart.

Sharing life with felines helps us to release stress, and this is an immediate relief that reduces the risk of heart disease.

Cat love, not just good for the heart

The caresses that are given to the felines, the purr they give when they are happy and their peculiar sympathy could be some keys to this positive effect on health. But not only that: living with cats also improves children’s health, as it strengthens their immune system, among other benefits.

The positive effects of felines on our health have been confirmed by numerous medical studies, such as research that determines that living with cats or dogs reduces stress and drives depression away.

Those who live with felines have a significantly lower heart rate and lower heart pressure; and, in addition, these animals help us to recover when we feel bad. Emotional support that people receive from cats could be behind the positive effect that these furry companions have on human health. People consider our felines as part of our family, and this perception explains the positive effects they have on our physical and emotional health.

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of cats are euthanized in Spain for not finding a home. You can go to your nearest municipal animal adoption center or shelter … to fill your heart with cat love!

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