Homemade toys for rabbits

In this article we explain how to make simple homemade toys for rabbits, made with recycled materials and with which your rabbit will have a great time.

Homemade toy ideas for rabbits

If we feel like it and we like “crafts” we can make all kinds of homemade toys for rabbits, taking advantage of all kinds of everyday objects and many times, recycling objects that would otherwise end up in the trash.
Here are some ideas for making homemade toys:

Vegetable tongs

A part of the rabbit’s diet must be vegetables, so we will take advantage of this game so that our bunnies eat it.

Steps to follow:

  1. First, you will need to  wash and cut the vegetables. For example, you can use endive, chard leaves, lettuce (except iceberg), arugula … Check which are the  Fruits and vegetables forbidden for rabbits.
  2. With the help of the tweezers, you will have to hang the vegetables  along a rope.
  3. Tie the two ends of the rope to an accessible area so that your rabbit will discover it and can reach the vegetables.

Hay tubes

As you know, hay is the main element of a rabbit’s diet. This was a game that helped us a lot to get Tambor to eat it (since it didn’t want to do it at first).

It is very simple, you only have to save the toilet paper rolls when it is finished.

Steps to follow:

  1. Make 2 small holes with scissors in the empty toilet paper roll.
  2. You must  insert each rope  through one of the holes and tie a knot inside to prevent it from coming off.
  3. Fill the  tube with the hay.
  4. Lastly, hang the toy  in an area accessible to your rabbit.

Tunnel for rabbits

Tunnels are considered one of the best toys for rabbits. A Tambor loves to pick up speed crossing. The bigger the more they will enjoy. Also if it is made with a cardboard box you will really like to be able to bite it.

You can try to build a rabbit maze.

Digging box

To offer them fun times in which their curiosity and desire to explore are encouraged, we invite you to try making this toy. To make this homemade rabbit toy.

In this game we propose two options, the first is very simple since you will only have to fill a box with dirt.

For the second you will have to follow these steps:

  1. With the help of scissors, you will have to  cut the upper part of the box and also open a hole through which your rabbit can access its interior.
  2. Cut various papers into different uneven pieces. They should not be too small to prevent swallowing. Then crumple them up.
  3. Place the crumpled papers inside the box.
  4. Finally, wash and cut vegetables and small pieces of fruit  that you have chosen and add them inside the box mixed and hidden between the paper. In this way, your rabbit must access the box, explore inside and stir with its feet to find the food.

Are homemade toys better than commercial ones?

From my point of view both are just as good. You can use both types of toys for your rabbits, they will have as much fun with one as with the other.
There are toys that we will have to buy because making them will be very difficult for us.

How to play with a rabbit

And now that you know how to make homemade toys for your rabbit, do you know how to play with it?

There are certain rules that you must observe to play with your rabbit:

  • Their most active periods are first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you can, schedule a few minutes to play with your bunny, it will quickly get used to the schedule and it will know that it is its play time and it will be more receptive.
  • Just like us, if we are doing something else we don’t like to be disturbed. If they are eating, drinking, sleeping, or using their litter box, don’t disturb them, wait for them to finish.
  • If you want them not to be intimidated, get on its level, sit on the ground, or crouch down.
  • Don’t force them to avoid causing stress. Do not speak aloud to them either, use whispers.
  • Your movements should be smooth, so as not to upset them.
  • At first you can use prizes to get their attention.

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