Home Remedies to Relieve Cough in Dogs

Dogs can cough for several reasons: for example as a consequence of the change of season, or due to an allergic reaction to a certain food. But that’s not all: this can also be caused by infections caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. Although there are several home remedies to give to your dog if he coughs, you will need to take him to the vet right away if he coughs for more than 24 hours.

Home remedies to relieve cough in dogs

If your dog’s cough isn’t accompanied by other symptoms that might suggest something more serious, you can try one of these options.

Honey –  A tablespoon every three to five hours helps soothe the inflammation of the throat. But be careful: you shouldn’t give your dog too much honey, as it could cause stomach pain Similarly, if your dog is less than a year old, avoid giving him this product, as it could damage his immune system, which is not yet fully developed. Also, remember that honey must be organic, not subjected to chemical processes.

Coconut oil .- Coconut oil is really effective in fighting this problem. Add two tablespoons of the product to your dog’s water: it will help strengthen the defenses, as well as relieve cough.

Cinnamon .- If your dog eats it without problems, you can sprinkle it on his food, as it is also an excellent antiseptic.

Medlar Juice .- This fruit is rich in vitamin A, helps to strengthen the immune system of dogs and acts on the mucous membranes. Have him drink a glass of medlar juice if possible. Alternatively, use a plastic syringe without a needle, and give him the juice little by little

Green Leafy Vegetables .- If you can get your dog to eat these vegetables, he will get a good dose of vitamin C , which increases his defenses and makes him more resistant to infections.

Mint herbal tea .- Give it to him with a syringe or a dropper; possesses expectorant properties and relieves congestion.

Vaporizing .- When your dog sleeps, place a container with hot water near his nose to allow him to breathe in the vapor. You can also add some Echinacea leaves, (considered a great natural antibiotic) for better results.

Other tips for relieving cough in dogs

In addition to home remedies, consider these other options for trying to combat your dog’s cough:

  • Give him filtered water to drink. – Some dogs may develop allergies to the chemicals in their drinking water, which causes them to cough.
  • Try changing his diet. – Even the additives contained in dog foods can cause allergic reactions, including coughing, in the long run.
  • Give him vitamin C through supplements to stimulate the immune system . The dose for puppies is 100 milligrams per day, 250 for medium-sized ones, and 500 for large ones; be careful though, and reduce the amount if you see your dog has diarrhea.
  • Leave your dog in the bathroom with the door closed and  the hot water shower open, to let the steam relieve his irritation – Stay next to him during the treatment, so that he feels accompanied and is not intimidated for a situation that can be disturbing for him.
  • Keep your dog calm during a coughing fit. – If your dog is young and panting while playing, his respiratory tissues could become inflamed.
  • Avoid further irritation. – Do not expose your dog to smoke (so do not smoke near him), keep the house ventilated and free from dust. If you need to use cleaning chemicals, keep your dog away while you clean.
  • Take him for a walk early in the morning or at sunset when the air is healthier. – Keep him indoors, in a warm environment during the day.
  • Go for moist foods , which will not cause further irritation when the dog swallows the food.
  • Remove the collar to relieve the affected area.
  • Keep the dog away from other animals , to avoid contagion.

Remember to always consult your vet if you have any doubts you may have. He will tell you if you are using the right method to relieve and heal your dog’s cough.

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