Guide to living with a pet responsibly

Taking responsibility for the life of an animal is a commitment that will last a lifetime: it is a living being that is completely dependent on its owner , so there are many aspects to consider before deciding to keep a pet and, above all, what kind of animal to choose.

In this regard, it is very important not to impulsively choose a particular animal: you should take into account your availability of space, your purchasing power and the amount of time you can and want to dedicate to the animal. Keeping all of this in mind beforehand will prevent you from repenting after adopting the pet, and you will end up giving it away or, even worse, abandoning it .

Living responsibly with a pet that comes home

Whichever pet you have chosen, you need to adapt your home for its arrival . Whether it is a small animal, such as a hamster or a turtle , or a larger one, such as a dog, you must have already established in advance the places that will be destined for the animal .

If they are animals living in artificial tanks or enclosed spaces, all devices will need to have been prepared prior to their arrival in order to reduce the animal’s stress levels and make it easier for them to adapt.

For animals living in the house, you should assign them a place to sleep, eat and do the needs , try to start educating them when they arrive home, in this way coexistence will be easier and less traumatic.


Most animals, except those that grow up without our intervention, such as fish or reptiles, need to be educated and trained by their owners to adapt to the house rules.

Many pet abandonments occur because owners have not been able to educate an animal and have become tired of a behavior, acquired by the animal, that has not been corrected . Educating a pet with the awareness that everything it will learn will have a positive impact also in living with humans, is the first step to living a peaceful life with your pet.

Meal times

The best thing you can do, both to avoid discipline problems and eating disorders, is to accustom your pet to eat his food at a specific time .
You must remember that nutrition goes beyond feeding them: it has to do with the right amount for their species, how often they eat during the day and at specific times, keeping in mind the foods that are bad for them and those that are beneficial. for them.

 The place to sleep

Animals need a specific place to sleep, this will avoid having to fight to keep them from climbing onto furniture or beds. Obviously this is not a problem for animals that live in specific environments, such as tanks and cages.

Others, however, require more attention in this regard. You will also avoid situations of dominance or aggression for possession .

Time and Leisure

Animals need recreation in order to manage their stressful condition , which is caused by the fact that they live in confinement. Whether it is with walks or with games, the time you dedicate to your pet to make his free time more enjoyable will be of vital importance to build a balanced relationship.

Play is important for animals, because through it, they develop strategies and skills that will be very useful to them in adulthood . In addition, the game stimulates the mind and intelligence.

The walks allow them to get in touch with other environments, new smells, to receive new stimuli, as well as to socialize with their peers.

Therefore, it is important to take the time to pet your pet, so he will know that it is important to you and will use these stimuli to build an unbreakable bond.