Giant Cats: The 16 Largest Cat Breeds

Giant Cats The 16 Largest Cat Breeds
Giant Cats: The 16 Largest Cat Breeds

Giant cat breeds not only enchant and fall in love with their splendour and large size, that is, they are big and fat cats, but they also predominate because of the nobility and authentic character of some of these breeds, which are truly Giants! of spirit.

These majestic cats hidden in a size similar to a tiger, since in reality most are characterized by being docile, calm and sleepy animals, based on this we will present you the best selection of giant cat breeds, which you can find around the world.  

Maine Coon

The name of this breed of giant and enormous cats, Maine Coon, comes from its place of origin in the state of Maine, in the US, and the term ” coon ” is an abbreviation of “racoon”, which means raccoon. According to its origin, this breed would be a hybrid between a wild cat and a raccoon. Nothing is further from reality.

A large male Maine coon cat exceeds a length of 70 centimeters and weighs more than 10 kilos . Despite its surprising size, this feline is characterized by being affectionate, sociable and playful, with a surprising ability to meow in different tones.

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is a natural breed, originating from Russia, it stands out for being a medium-sized feline, with a primitive physique, robust build and medium-long, dense coat with a waterproof and resistant outer layer. In winter this thick and fine fur keeps them warm.

 The Siberian cat exudes the charm of a miniature wild cat. It has longer legs, they are muscular and relatively heavy, they exceed 9 kg. And they become adults at 3 years of age.

This breed of giant cats among its characteristics highlights a round head, with a curved forehead, large eyes and medium and wide ears. The color of the eyes varies according to the coat with shades from yellow, gold to green, blue or bicolor.

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian forest cat breed stands out for its dense and dense coat, which allowed it to survive the low temperatures of the Scandinavian countries. The Norwegian forests are cats that have a robust build, which manages to exceed 9 kilos in adulthood.

Despite their great weight, they are not very tall or long. This breed of cats initially very wild with great hunting instinct, they are very agile and fast, but that does not prevent them from being very friendly and playful.


The origin of this breed occurred in the United States in the 1980s, with the crossing of a Russian blue cat with a long-haired female, where puppies with large bluish-colored fur were born. This breed is characteristic of its place of origin and it is very difficult to get these specimens in other places.

The Nebelung cat is an animal of great splendor that is worth knowing and being captivated by its unique charms, not only because of its physical characteristics but also because of its temperament. Its long blue-grey hair, with a long body weighs more than 6 kilograms, has a robust and muscular build, with erect ears, an extremely hairy tail and round green or yellow eyes.

Persian cat

The giant Persian cat is originally from Turkey, it is considered aristocratic cat, for being very elegant and serene, which captivates with a penetrating and seductive gaze. That is why he is also called “the lord of the cats.”

Among its other characteristics we can mention that it has a large head and its texture is defined by a muscular and strong body, which also reaches a length of 50 centimeters, and a weight of up to 7 kilograms.


Ragdoll in Spanish translates to rag doll, this breed is the result of crosses between other breeds such as Persian, Siamese and Burmese, and it turned out to be a huge cat with a calm and sleepy temperament, but who always need to be accompanied.

Other characteristics of the Ragdoll is that they take up to three years to become an adult, thus having a long “childhood”, in terms of size this breed can exceed 90 centimeters in length and weigh up to 9 kilos.


The savannah is a breed of giant cat, which originated from the mixture of a serval and a domestic cat, it boasts a slender body, and with a design of speckled or marbled specks.

This cat of great weight and size is around 11 kilos, being a very rare and unusual breed, it is generalized that they are sociable and friendly, but in reality very little is known about their personality and behavior.

Oriental Cat

This breed of cat that originated from Thailand. It is characterized by its sharp profile, which has been dubbed “the greyhound of cats.” Its long face with pure, refined and subtle lines, complements the ears more, to give a complete elegant bearing.

The medium-sized oriental cat, with a slender figure, but with a muscular body, also stands out for its short, fine and shiny coat attached to the body, all these characteristics were the result of crosses between the Balinese cat and the oriental short-haired cat.

As for the personality of the oriental cat, it enchants as well as its external beauty, despite being proud, arrogant and temperamental, it is also curious, lively and restless, but very sensitive, faithful and affectionate.

Beyond its very unique physical appearance, this breed stands out more for its sociable and very playful temperament, which also does not tolerate loneliness at all.

Exotic Cat

The Exotic Cat is a breed of giant cat with the texture of the Persian cat, but with a short coat. It originated thanks to a hybridization of the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair with the Persians, obtaining this purebred cat with a robust complexion with short and dense hair.

Although it is not as popular as the Persian cat, it has spread thanks to the fact that it does not require much care of the coat and it tends to suffer less from allergies.This exotic cat has a compact complexion, with a rounded, stocky body. Her large, round eyes and a short nose complement a sweet face.

British shorthair

This cat called British Shorthair or British Shorthair is a breed of giant cat that descends from a hybridization between the cats brought to Britain by the Romans and the natives of the island.

Their dense and waterproof coat also protects them from the cold British climate. This cat is a great hunter of large size that exceeds 8 kilos in weight.The character and personality of the British Shorthair is defined by being a sweet and affectionate feline that loves physical contact and feeling loved. This cat corresponds to being a faithful friend of its owners, and it is also a good companion for children, since it is very playful and cheerful.

Scottish fold

The Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold cat is a breed from Scotland, characterized by a muscular complexion, of medium size that reaches 6 kilograms, its beautiful face is defined by a rounded head with small ears and a short nose.

Regarding the coat, this breed is defined by a usually short hair, in terms of character the Scottish Fold cat is characterized by being very calm and friendly and affectionate, it is always in good health and its life expectancy is 12 14 years.


The Burmese cat is elongated reaching great size with a corpulent texture, and robust bones, it is characterized by a coat with rare markings in chocolate, cream, and light gray with white paws and intense blue eyes.

Their hair is soft, silky and semi-long, which does not require great care. As for the character and personality, this breed of giant cat is very attached, some are somewhat jealous, they always want attention, they are not aggressive and they are very playful.


The Bengal or Bengali cat, also  known as the “leopard cat” is a large breed, originally from the United States of America, which stands out for its beautiful and exotic fur very similar to that of a wild leopard.

The Bengali is characterized by an average weight of 6 kilograms, however, some males of this breed exceed up to 9 kilograms, breaking records in the breed.

This animal is also noted for being very restless and hyperactive, curious, that loves to play and socialize. It is definite this friendly cat is not only very sociable but it is also very intelligent.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora cat has a long and slender body, but muscular although with fine bones. It is distinguished by elongated ears and slightly drooping eyes in blue tones. The coat is medium long, soft and silky, without an undercoat, in terms of care it only requires daily brushing.

It is a cat with an elegant bearing that is also very active, alert and proud. The Turkish Angora personality is sweet and calm, faithful and affectionate, and he loves to play and run. Its weight exceeds 5 kilograms in males.

Turkish Van

As its name implies, this breed is native to the surroundings of Lake Van, which is found in Turkey. As in their natural habitat they were exposed to hot summers and harsh winters, these cats developed an impressive adaptive capacity.

Turkish Van are not usually very tall, but they are very robust, easily weighing 8 kilos as an adult. They are also owners of certain peculiarities: in addition to being very vocal, they also like contact with water, so it is not uncommon to see them playing or cooling off.

For those who consider the possibility of having a Turkish van as a pet, it should be clear that it is a dominant breed, which will need a lot of attention to live together and be introduced to other cats. Ideally, start socializing them while it is still a baby, in its first 8 weeks of life.


Peterbald cats are one of the well-known hairless cats, as they completely lack fur, unlike almost all other feline breeds. Specifically this breed is an “oriental version” of the famous sphynx cats originating in Russia.

In addition to standing out for its peculiar physical appearance, this breed also stands out for its affectionate and affectionate character and personality, in addition to being outgoing, affectionate and calm, they are also faithful companions of their owners. And in terms of weight, a Peterbald male ranges from 5 kilograms.

Big cats

The giant cats love not only for its great physical appearance with appearance of tiger, but also these animals are characterized by being docile and calm. They are very intelligent pets, who know very well how to steal the attention of their owners, and of the visitors who come home

These giant cats are big, they are affectionate, they impress more because of their friendly nature than because of their volume, some are characterized by sleeping long and hard. Others are as hyperactive as they are large and this hyperactivity makes them very playful and restless, that is why it is necessary to exercise routine and walks to release the energy load.

Do not get carried away by its large size, if you have the opportunity to adopt a huge cat, do not hesitate and take it to your home, it will not only fill your house for its size but also for its nobility.   

So far the 16 largest and most gigantic cat breeds, which you can get around the world and take home. Without a doubt, a special opportunity to enjoy a giant feline not only in size but also in affection. This is how we end this post and we hope it has been of great use to you.

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