Gastritis in cats: symptoms and remedies

Unfortunately, even our animal friends can have stomach problems. Let’s learn to recognize the symptoms of gastritis in the cat and what are the remedies!

Taking care of the nutrition of our 4-legged friends is essential to preserve their physical and mental well-being. A healthy and balanced diet ensures the cat everything it needs. Unfortunately, sometimes, even the small feline can run into some stomach problem. One of the most widespread is gastritis in cats: we learn to recognize symptoms and remedies.

What is gastritis

Gastritis is a very common disorder even among humans: it is a very annoying inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Unfortunately, the cat can also suffer from gastritis. Normally we distinguish between two different forms of pathology:

  • Chronic gastritis – this is the form of gastritis in cats with less mild symptoms. However, as can be understood from the name of the pathology, these are long-term symptoms, and for this reason they must be kept under control over time;
  • Acute gastritis – this is the most violent form of gastritis, which has a sudden appearance, shorter duration and more severe symptoms.

In short, one of the causes of cat stomach pain could be gastritis.

The causes of gastritis in cats

The main cause of gastritis in the cat is incorrect feeding. Just like for humans, even the little feline could be intolerant to one or more foods that are present in its usual menu.

The discourse is different in the hypothesis in which you feed it a food that it could not: think for example of the list of fruits forbidden to the cat. Beyond individual foods harmful to the feline, pay attention to the general setting of its menu. In fact, we always remember that the cat must have a diet based on meat.

Even more particular is the diet of the cat that suffers from a certain chronic pathology. In this case it is good to scrupulously follow the prescriptions of the professional who visited the feline.

Symptoms of gastritis in cats

The main symptoms of gastritis in cats are vomiting and diarrhea. As we well know, in reality these are two manifestations of the body common to many other pathologies, so it is not easy to understand, without adequate medical knowledge, that it is precisely gastritis.

Also be careful to check if the cat’s stool is normal or not: if they are always soft they could indicate that the cat has the pathology. In some cases they may have traces of blood, although this data may indicate the presence of other diseases.

Even a dull coat and in poor general condition could be a secondary symptom of gastritis in the cat.

What are the remedies

As mentioned, the detection of gastritis in the cat is not simple; this is because the main symptoms are easily confused with those typical of other feline pathologies. It is not recommended, as always, to take personal initiatives and subject the cat to DIY care.

The best solution is always to take the cat to the vet, to check which, among the various existing intestinal disorders, it actually suffers. Blood and stool tests are mandatory. If the cat has vomited, collect a sample: it may help the veterinarian in the diagnosis.

Very likely the error, and therefore the change, of the cat’s feeding. If it is chronic gastritis, the disease should be kept under control over time. The results will not be long in coming, as long as compliance with the new cat menu is constant, without exception.

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