Fruits and vegetables for cats in the summer: list and useful tips

With the summer heat, feline nutrition may require the integration of moisturizing and refreshing foods: here are the fruits and vegetables for the cat in the summer

When summer arrives, our pets tend to exercise less and have a lower appetite: in some cases, they even lose a little weight and don’t worry because it is absolutely normal and physiological.

Precisely because it is hotter, the cat’s diet in summer needs some changes and precautions to address two fundamental aspects of the summer: the lower calorie requirement and the risk of dehydration.

Just as happens with the dog’s summer diet, even the cat with the arrival of high temperatures needs to diversify its usual diet based on an essentially carnivorous basis: the ideal is to add fruit and vegetables to its meals, choosing among those most suited to your needs.

Fruits and vegetables for cats in the summer: which one to choose?

Let’s start by saying that the cat is a very habitual animal, also as regards food: being essentially a carnivore, it prefers meat and fish and in some cases it will not show any interest in tasting fruit or vegetables.

This does not mean that there are not many cats who instead accept to eat summer vegetables with a certain taste: what you have to do, however, is to make sure that the choice falls on fruits and vegetables that are suitable for the cat because some vegetables are absolutely forbidden to felines.

Cat-friendly summer vegetable: list and tips

Among the seasonal vegetables that we can offer the cat in summer there is really spoiled for choice: we can choose cucumbers that are very rich in water, or carrots that are easy to digest, but also asparagus, zucchini and fennel which are thirst-quenching and rich in vitamins.

Other vegetables suitable for cats are celery for its richness in fiber, peppers which contain a lot of vitamin C and salads (especially lettuce and songino) which help our four-legged friend to eliminate excess toxins.

The summer vegetable suitable for cats must be cooked in water beforehand even if there are some vegetables, such as salads or celery, which can be offered in the bowl even raw, maintaining all their properties. If we want to give the cat some raw vegetables to help him cope with the heat better, make sure to chop it finely to facilitate chewing and digestion.

SUMMER VEGETABLES FOR CATS>  cucumbers, asparagus, courgettes, fennel, celery, carrots, peppers, salads.

Summer fruit suitable for cats: list and advice

If you have to choose fruit and vegetables for your cat in the summer, it is better to opt for seasonal foods. Compared to fruit, for example, cats appreciate apricots, figs, melon, watermelon, strawberries, peaches and more generally apples and pears.

Any type of fruit must be given to the cat without peel or seeds, cut into small pieces and well washed. A good alternative to fruit, fresh and healthy, is yogurt that we can give to cats at the end of a meal: it is refreshing and helps intestinal regularity.

SUMMER FRUIT FOR THE CAT>  apricots, figs, melon, watermelon, strawberries, peaches, apples, pears.

Finally, let’s not forget some fundamental rules for the cat’s summer diet:

– make sure you always have fresh and clean water available, but not cold;
– prefer wet food to dry food, being careful not to leave it too long in the bowl;
– be careful that the cat does not drink dirty or stagnant water.

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