Footprint of the cat

Footprint of the cat, the one that makes us soften, but also the one that makes us furious if we find it on the glass of the car or on the floor just past. But in the garden, on the beach, it’s fine. And even in the snow, it makes us think of a snowcat, perhaps, or a cute kitten wandering in the cold.

The cat’s footprint in the kitchen is not a good sign: will it have done something? It is not a real footprint of the cat but a furrow, more indefinite, but it is definitely hers, indeed, of one of my two cats and it means that they spent the afternoon on my bed snoring. The cat’s footprint is also often found as a tattoo and as a drawing, and in that case it is a nice sign. It also happens to dream of it, and it means that a novelty is approaching, good or not, it depends on the cat’s moon.

Footprint of the cat: how to take it

There is a real kit to take the cat’s footprint, there are some ready-made but you can find all the material easily and do it yourself. Just get a bag with clay, a rolling pin, an adjustable mold, a straw and two colored ribbons. We proceed by spreading the clay, lightly pressing the paw to take the footprint of the cat and then cutting out the part of the footprint with the appropriate adjustable mold.

Let it dry for a few hours. For example, if you want a personalized pendant, you can pierce the clay in two places with the straw and put the ribbon on: here is the cat’s footprint ready to put on your neck. Similarly you can do it with a keychain or keep the clay cast of the cat’s footprint to get inspired and draw a drawing, a tattoo or whatever you want.

Footprint of the cat for tattoo

They are often seen, of tattoos with the ‘footprint of the cat, they are more and more widespread but there are so many types that no one can be dissatisfied. From the more comic style to the more aggressive one, the wild one or the other stylized one. Each with its own meaning so that the cat’s footprint leaves its mark even on the observer.

Often those who tattoo the footprint of the cat do it to remember, or show off, the special relationship they have with their animal but there are also various more symbolic motifs that hide behind such a design, often not revealed.

Tattoos with the footprint of the cat, or even the dog, often also have a universal meaning, linked to the love for animals, to be placed alongside the name of one’s own, or a message, or a squiggle that frames them: they fit both to a macho to a sweet maiden, there is no style that does not match perfectly with the cat’s footprint, most of the time in black and white, even if there are very colorful examples.

Footprint of the cat: how to recognize it

You can learn to recognize the cat’s footprint. Not of one’s own cat compared to that of another. Instead, it is possible to learn to distinguish the footprint of the cat from that of other animals. We are talking about those left in the mud or on the snow. Many are similar to each other but with a little training you get an eye and notice many subtle differences.

A trick is to look for some other trace in the vicinity of the cat’s footprint. Excrements, for example. And then, let’s understand what other similar animals leave behind: foxes for example have footprints similar to those of cats, with 4 fingers and a pad but shape and gait are different. The footprint of the cat unlike that of the dog, staggered on two separate lines with spread fingers, is about 3 cm, with rounded fingers and no nails showing.

The footprint of the cat can be confused with that of the mouse, which is narrower and longer, with 5 fingers for the hind legs and 4 for the front legs. Or with those of rabbits and hares: rabbits leave about 9 cm for the hind legs while the front ones are smaller and rounder. The hares have footprints very similar to rabbits but are longer, about 15 cm.

Footprint of the cat: an inspired cream

Starting from the idea that the cat is one of the cleanest animals in the world, someone has decided to make a cream that would appeal to him. On the contrary, with the imprint of the cat, and it is a cream that tastes good, not as if it were inspired by the feet of man.

It is a Japanese company that came up with this invention of the hand cream that smells like a cat’s paw. Zampina, come on, let’s talk about kittens. From how it was presented in Tokyo and from the Japanese rumors about this product it would seem that the smell of the cat’s footprint is similar to popcorn with a floral background. The cream is called Puni Puni Nikukyu.

Adhesive cat footprint: where to buy it

In addition to tattooing it, or recognizing it, the cat’s footprint can also be stuck. To your car, for example, with nice stickers of various sizes. Something not very visible, 10 x 10, or even 20 x 20 or 30 x 30 for SUVs or for those who really love cats. On the hood, on the door, you can indulge yourself with these stickers in the shape of a cat’s footprint and perhaps discourage the real ones from leaving them on the clean glass: who knows!

The cat’s footprint can also appear on the doormat, by chance or because we decide with this. It is fun and immediately makes it clear that those who enter our house must tolerate if not adore our 4-legged friends who purr. It is the rule and the cat’s footprint at the entrance is proof.

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