Food and Nutrition for cats with pancreatitis

Food for cats with pancreatitis, a very serious disease that requires a specific diet for the animal that suffers from it. Let’s see, together, what are the most suitable foods to be included in a healthy diet and capable of helping him against this pathology.

How often do we ask ourselves about the right foods to provide to our cat friend. To live well with us, the domestic feline needs a thousand daily care and attention, starting with the choice of a correct and balanced diet. The feeding, then, must be even more careful if your cat suffers from a disease. Today, let’s talk about food for cats with pancreatitis, with some important tips.

Foods for cats with pancreatitis: which foods to choose

A cat with pancreatitis cannot feed like a healthy furry dog ​​and unfortunately needs careful and specific choices regarding its daily diet. Let’s see what its nutritional needs are and what kind of diet is recommended for the delicate condition of the cat.

If our cat suffers from pancreatitis, his owner must be even more responsible for nutrition and foods suitable for his health condition. This is because acute pancreatitis is a very serious disease that affects the feline’s pancreas, a condition usually caused by factors such as stress and nutritional disturbances in the furry dog.

The feline suffering from pancreatitis must necessarily follow a specific diet appropriate to its situation. Numerous symptoms that are difficult to live with occur in the animal, such as weaknessdiarrhea and vomiting in the cat, along with other disorders that can arise as a result of this disease.

For these reasons, the cat needs continuous care and medicines, as well as an adequate diet capable of helping him against the disease, even if some symptoms hinder his important daily nutrition. Let’s see more specifically.

A cat with pancreatitis suffers a lot from his daily life, a victim of various inflammations, such as gastritis and colitis in cats, or gastroenteritis in cats. His inflamed pancreas must not be further stressed in the production of insulin, so one must avoid administering an excessive amount of carbohydrates, but always balanced on low-fat foods, with the preparation of meals appropriate to the risks of the disease.

The importance of a well thought-out diet for kittens

When your cat suffers from pancreatitis, he must necessarily follow a well-structured diet for every meal of the day, absolutely forbidding him to transgress him with dangerous toxic foods for the cat that can aggravate his condition.

A correct diet for the cat does not involve the administration of too much protein, to prevent excessive stimulation of the pancreas. It is important to know that the cat must limit itself to its main meals and never indulge in other foods after hours.

The feline and pancreatitis: to fast or not?

With a cat suffering from pancreatitis, it is often thought that fasting is the solution to many problems that arise in his body with this disease. But is it really so? We read more later in the article.

It is certainly not easy to manage a serious and subtle disease like pancreatitis in cats. But you can learn in depth about what can do him good or bad, to learn how to better control his life in this moment of fragility and weakness.

In this delicate moment of the disease, the cat tends to become very weak and loss of appetite and anorexia in cats are frequent signs of the nagging presence of pancreatitis. Consequently, it is believed to propose a fast between 3 and 5 days in order not to strain the activity of his pancreas more.

Techniques and food choices for cats with pancreatitis

But it is not the best solution for the feline, as forced fasting only risks stimulating the cat’s liver lipidosis more. Instead, you can opt to feed the animal through a gastrostomy tube, a practice not recommended in case of excessive vomiting and ascites in cats.

For these cases, another technique can be used: the jejunostomy probe or total parental nutrition, all practices that must be managed by experienced doctors. Together with them, it is essential to help the sick cat with food chosen to not burden the pancreas and able to provide its metabolism with the useful substances to make it work properly.

It is important not to cause deficiencies and to be careful to provide soft and liquid foods for human use, too deficient in arginine and taurine in the cat. To plan a correct weekly diet without risks for your already compromised health, it is always advisable to have an interview with your trusted nutritionist veterinarian, with whom you can evaluate all the possibilities, without further anxiety.

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