Foldex Cat Care: brushing, bath, grooming tips

Here are all the tips to take better care of the Foldex cat, so that this furry cat is always beautiful and in full health.

Taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your four-legged friend is essential to ensure that his life is always peaceful. Let’s find out how to take care of the Foldex by putting into practice many small daily precautions, essential for the well-being of the cat.

Foldex coat care: brushing and bathing

Taking care of the Foldex’s coat is simple.

In fact, being a short-haired cat, it is sufficient to brush it once a week.

It is advisable to use a brush with soft and long bristles, with which to proceed both in the direction in which the coat grows and against the grain.

In this way, we will be able to eliminate the dead hair layer and avoid the formation of knots and hairballs.

A trick to make our four-legged friend’s fur shiny and soft? Dab it with a homemade solution based on water and vinegar.

In any case, the appearance of the coat reflects the general health of the cat. Its brightness, in particular, affects the cat’s diet.

Should the cat be bathed?

Wash the Foldex yes or no? Basically, there is no need to bathe your cat.

In fact, domestic cats are very scrupulous and attentive to their personal hygiene.

In some cases, however, this may be necessary.

In fact, if our four-legged friend is very old, or has just come back from a long illness, he may need our help.

How to do? First of all, using detergents specially formulated for the delicate skin of the cat.

After making sure that the water temperature is pleasant, just lather and rinse the cat completely , and then dry it.

Pay attention to this operation: it is essential to make sure that the animal’s fur does not remain wet, to prevent it from catching cold and getting sick.

Cleaning of eyes, ears and teeth

Equally important – for a truly complete and adequate care of our Foldex – are the cleaning operations of eyes, ears and teeth.

In particular, given the peculiar shape of the cat’s ears, it is essential to inspect them regularly and sanitize them if necessary.

In fact, they tend to secrete excess earwax which, by encrusting, could cause the appearance of infections in the cat. How to clean them?

To do this we can use specific products on the market, specially formulated for domestic cats.

Alternatively, just dab gently a damp cloth on the cat’s skin, in correspondence with the auricle.

This same home remedy can also be used for cleaning the animal’s eyes, aimed at eliminating any deposits of ocular secretions.

No less important is the hygiene of the cat’s oral cavity. It is advisable to proceed every day, brushing the cat’s teeth with a special toothbrush and toothpaste.

Warning: never use those intended for human use, they could prove to be very dangerous for the animal.

A less invasive alternative involves the use of sanitizing spreads with a meat flavor, to be distributed on the feline’s teeth.

Foldex nail care

Finally, we just have to answer one last question about the care of this furry dog: is it necessary to cut the nails at the Foldex?

In principle, no: young specimens with an active lifestyle, in fact, provide for themselves to sharpen their claws during the moments of play.

On the other hand, in the case of elderly and sedentary specimens, it may be necessary to help the four legs by clipping their nails.

Too long claws, in fact, could not only be harmful to the surfaces of our home, but also uncomfortable for the cat itself.

What to do in this case? After having equipped ourselves with a special nail clipper, only the non-vascularized portion of the nail will need to be cut.

To do this, just press lightly on the cat’s paw, in order to completely release the claw, removing the portion that appears lighter.

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