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Do you like white rabbits? The Florida White Rabbit, known in English as Florida White, is one of the most adorable.

These bunnies are one of the albino rabbit breeds, being characteristic for their white color and the red of their eyes. Although they were not bred especially to keep them as pets, more and more people have decided to incorporate them into their family, being one of the most popular breeds. Do you want to know its history and its origins?

Florida white rabbit characteristics

Florida white rabbits are a breed of medium-sized rabbits, whose weight ranges between 0.9 and 2.7 kilograms, being one of the smallest breeds within its category, even some specimens could be considered toy. Their life expectancy ranges between 5 and 8 years, being somewhat lower than in other breeds of rabbits.

The body of these little ones is compact and with light and fragile bones, having a fairly short neck and their figure is rounded and small, highlighting very thick and rounded ears, in addition to their striking red eyes, typical of the lack of pigment of the albino races. The coat is not possible to find in another color, because albinism prevents them from showing any other tone or color.

Florida white rabbits are usually very affectionate bunnies who love each other. This makes them one of the most suitable rabbit breeds to have as a pet, ideal for families with children as they get along very well with children. Of course, it is very important to explain to them that they have to treat it and take it very carefully to avoid incidents. These types of rabbits also tend to get along with other pets if they get used to living with patience and care.

Florida White Rabbit Health

Florida rabbits are  generally in good health, although they are more likely to suffer from diseases compared to other rabbit breeds due to their condition as albino rabbits. Some of these conditions are related to the health of your skin, as it is much more sensitive to solar radiation, and your eyes are equally sensitive.

We have to provide our rabbit with the necessary care in terms of food, accommodation and toilet conditions, as well as nail trimming and periodic evaluation of its general state of health.

White rabbit care

Its coat is extremely easy to maintain, as just one or two weekly brushings will be enough to keep it clean and well- groomed . The bathrooms are not necessary, so it is considered best avoided unless it is for extreme reasons (recommended by your veterinarian). They are very adaptive to different environments and climatic conditions, however they suffer from environments that are too cold and humid , contracting respiratory diseases with great ease in those conditions. We must be careful with colds, as they can quickly become complicated and transform into other diseases such as pneumonia.

Our bunnies have to feel comfortable in their home, that is why we are going to make their stay in the cage more enjoyable. We’ll start by getting you the largest cage possible. It is important to get a small shelter inside the house of your white rabbit, so that it can get in when it is scared or wants to rest. As for their diet, they should not lack water and hay.

Where to buy this type of rabbit?

The Florida white rabbit is sold in pet stores. Anyway, we recommend you contact an association or rabbit shelter, as it is likely that you will find one for adoption. There are also rabbit farms.

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