Fleas on Cats: remedies

The fleas in cats,  are more parasites can affect your cat. They are external parasites that lodge in the lower layer of the hair and in contact with the skin, they feed on the blood, through bites.

Does my cat have fleas?

If you have detected that your cat is scratching more continuously, especially in areas such as the tail or behind the head and is more down and with little desire to move and play, it is very possible that it is already a victim of fleas.

The most effective way to check it is to use a nit, or brush with very fine, close-fitting bristles. You have to sift from bottom to top and check if you see nits, larvae or directly a flea.

They are generally very slippery and will try to hide in your hair again, very quickly.

You can also do it directly with your hands, examining the base of the hair. If it has fleas, it won’t take long to see some.

How to get rid of fleas on cats

If after examining your cat you have detected the first fleas, you should contact your trusted veterinarian, who will explain the different anti-flea products for cats that you can use to eliminate them. The most common are:

  • Flea shampoos: They are special soaps that, due to their composition, facilitate the elimination of fleas. They should only be used if we confirm that our cat has fleas.
  • Application pipettes: They are the most widely used antiparasites, easy to apply and highly effective. They lie on the back of the head, where their back begins and is fast acting, causing them to die quickly.
  • Antipasitic collars: contain insecticides that repel and kill fleas. They can maintain their action up to 3 months and the change after this time is recommended.

Home remedies against fleas for cats

The bathroom to kill fleas

The first home remedy for fleas in cats is undoubtedly a good bath. Cats are extremely clean animals, but once they have been infected with fleas, their tongue baths are not enough to eliminate them.

To prepare a good bath that says goodbye to your cat’s fleas we will need:

  • Always warm water
  • Special shampoo for sensitive skin
  • Lavender or citronella oil
  • Fine-tooth comb for cats
  • Decision and patience

On these occasions it is good to prepare a special shampoo. The hind legs and tail should be cleaned and rubbed well, as it is almost certainly where the most fleas, and one of their favourite areas.

It is advisable to leave the shampoo and essential oils to act for about 8 minutes. We have to try to avoid that the shampoo impregnates the head or ears of our cat.

We will rinse with intensity, so that there is no rest is its fur and then we will dry it with a towel, always with love and care, without sudden movements that could make it nervous or harm it.

In the end, it only remains to pass the brush, to eliminate the fleas or kill those that still resist.

Must take into account:

Cats are different from dogs, so do not use products that are not expressly indicated for them. Its effectiveness is lower and what is worse, it can cause damage to your kitten’s fur.

  • Young kittens are especially sensitive to oils, so it is better to avoid them in these cases, otherwise they may suffer irritation to their delicate skin.
  • We must eliminate the shampoo well because cats lick and clean themselves constantly and any remainder that will remain, would be ingested, and could become intoxicated.
  • As we know, most cats do not like water, so we will have to take special care and patience throughout the process. In this article we talk about it.
  • When you dry your cat, use a white towel, if possible, to get a good look at the fleas and kill any that are visible and fall.

General grooming and a flea-free home

One of the most important measures, although it seems obvious, is to have the house clean of fleas, since it will be useless to eliminate fleas from your cat, if we do not keep a space clean of them.

When your cat becomes infected with fleas, it is very possible that they are present in a multitude of places where it sleeps, plays, scratches or rests, so it is important that once we have acted with the appropriate treatment with our cat, we clean these parts well of the house where they may have been a hidden flea.

To clean well we can resort to home remedies such as:

  • Vacuum your cat’s living areas well, including the scratching post and the bed or sofa.
  • If possible, machine wash the covers and rest elements that allow their removal.
  • Use white vinegar and hot water to scrub the floors of the house well

Natural flea spray

Use of homemade citrus-based flea spray that we prepare with:

  • Water
  • The skin of a lemon (we can also use orange)
  • A container with a sprayer

To prepare it, boil half a liter of water with the lemon or orange peels.

Once it has boiled for about 5 minutes, we turn it off and let it rest so that all the citrus essences are released. Once cold, we pass it through a strainer and fill the container with a spray bottle.

We can apply it carefully to all the play and rest areas of your cat. The scraper, the sandbox, the toys and stuffed animals, for its bed and in the areas where he rests.

Be careful not to add more than necessary, because cats are very sensitive to this type of odour and it can be annoying.
For cats we recommend that instead of using this citrus preparation, we substitute it with chamomile.

The process is the same as we have told you, but instead of using a spray, we can apply it directly on the body of our cat, with a cotton soaked in this solution gently and lovingly, not forgetting the legs and the tail.

Prevention of the spread of fleas in cats

If your cat has contact with the outside, it is most likely that on its walks, it will interact with other cats and contagion will occur.

You can apply the preparation based on water and white vinegar, before these outings and in this way you will reduce the chances of fleas hitting you, as they will not see the smell of your cat attractive.

Consult your vet

These natural and home remedies are informative, but you should always have the opinion of a veterinarian who will advise you on possible solutions, in each case.

Prevention with effective flea products is a good way to avoid greater evils. Check with your vet which one may be more effective.

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