Flea collar for cats: how to choose it

Flea collar for cats: to put it on or not to put it on our independent and libertine friend? And, if necessary, which one to put? With the arrival of heat and summer holidays where your cat is sometimes free to roam in the countryside, the dilemma of the flea collar knocks on the door along with fleas and ticks, invigorated by the summer.

While we are undecided, lulling ourselves in the doubts that we will unravel below, we are not with our hands but we frequently check the hair of our cat. Flea collar for cat yes, or no, however, it should be checked that there are no red dots on the skin and that he does not scratch himself in a compulsive and irritated way.

Flea collar for cats: does it work?

The collar is probably the best solution to keep fleas away from our beloved cat. It can be used together with specific shampoos, localized treatments, to spread on the hair and special flea sprays.

The flea collar therefore works safely and protects our cat effectively.

Contraindications of the flea collar for cats

The only real contraindication of the flea collar for cats is linked to the fact that our furry friend may not like it starting to meow trying to take it off.

Obviously the reason for the possible “non-satisfaction” is exclusively psychological. The flea collar is very light, does not tighten and is adjustable so in most cases it is just a matter of “resisting the initial tantrums” waiting for it to get used to it or… resign yourself to holding it!

Best cat collar

There are various types and models on the market, with different durations and similar or not similar active ingredients. You can evaluate several in specialized shops or online stores.

On the market there are collars of completely different models, for material, color and shape, from the very simple ones, to those full of rhinestones, passing through medals and pendants.

A particularly innovative flea collar that we would like to point out is the one proposed by Seresto. The peculiarity of this product lies in the combination of materials, specifically designed so that the collar releases low doses of the active ingredients in a controlled manner for up to 8 months.

In addition to an above average lifespan, the Saresto flea collar for cat is not just flea-proof: it kills fleas and ticks and deters ticks before they can sting, thus protecting your cat from their attacks and the diseases they bring with them.

How to choose a flea collar

The most important aspect to consider when choosing a flea collar is obviously its effectiveness and on this point the most authoritative brands specialized in cat products, such as Saresto, which we mentioned in the previous paragraph, are the best guarantee.

The second important factor is that it does not bother our cat and that it does not irritate its skin.

The third factor to consider when choosing a collar is linked to the closing mechanism that must be effective so that our furry friend does not take it off, especially in the early days, when he could still not stand it.

How to get a cat used to a flea collar

Having ascertained the goodness and safety of the closure, to accustom a cat to the collar it is necessary to proceed step by step, leaving it on him for a few hours and entertaining or distracting him while wearing it so that he does not concentrate on the “enemy” presence.

When you put it on, delicacy is obviously important! May he confuse him with a caress and a cuddle, not with an attempted strangulation!

If you have used patience and perseverance, and a good flea collar for cats, the animal’s character does the rest: it could accept the gadget and be proud of it, or go crazy and be busy taking it off all day.

DIY cat flea collar

When choosing the flea collar for cats, we take into account the “green” option. This is not a makeshift or a “stingy” solution or a necessity, quite the contrary.

If we proceed carefully, we can even exceed the performance of a commercial flea collar for cats, especially in quality / price ratio. In addition, made by us, a flea collar for cats will not contain harmful substances, but also a lot of affection.

Let’s try? We take a cloth handkerchief and dip it in a bowl where we have prepared a blend of essential oil of eucalyptuslavender and lemongrass, 100% natural.

Ten drops of each: there the fabric must soak for 5-10 minutes and then dry completely for a whole day. Only when there is no hint of moisture can we take our DIY flea collar and gently tie it around our pet’s neck.

If our cat is very small or can easily get rid of the scarf, we can opt for a satin or grosgrain ribbon, which quickly absorbs the smell, however, we keep in mind that the duration of the anti-flea effect is reduced by 2- 3 weeks to just one.

Alternative solutions to the flea collar for cats

The main and most used alternative to the collar is the flea spray. Also in this case in specialized stores you will find several, even if the formulations are similar.

Quickly and lastingly eliminates fleas, ticks and lice from 2 days of age, fights the ongoing infestation and protects against new infestations.

This product is suitable for both cats and dogs so if you also have a dog, you can use it for both.

One application protects against ticks for 1 month and against fleas for 5 weeks (in dogs, protection against fleas can extend up to 3 months).

As for the method of use, you will need to spray from 3 to 6 ml of product for each kg of weight. Considering that a spray delivers 0.5 ml of product you will have to make a variable number between 6 and 12 for each kg of weight.

The product can also be used on puppies born at least 2 days old and from pregnant animals.

DIY flea spray

Even in the case of the spray you can try the “do it yourself” solution, thus ensuring you have a unique product consisting only of natural products.

But be careful not to fall into the “simpleton” mistake of thinking that if an essence is natural, then it is okay for the cat. No: as cat owners you should know that they are refined animals, and with a very sensitive sense of smell, which does not tolerate certain combinations. Fragrances such as lemon, green tea tree, cinnamon and carnation can be toxic, particularly to the liver.

Neem oil, on the other hand, could perform an effective antiseptic and soothing action, such as tea tree oil or other essential oils with juniper, eucalyptus, thyme and aloe vera cleansers.

The simplest recipe for making a DIY flea spray is based on the properties of lemon whose essence is capable of deterring fleas.

Here’s how to proceed to prepare it:

  • Take a lemon, and cut it into slices
  • Put the lemon slices to boil in a pot with 5 cups of salted water for about 5 minutes, then let it stand overnight.
  • The following morning, strain the mixture, removing the lemon zest and pulp.

Your flea spray is ready and to nebulize it, just pour it into a bottle with a spray dispenser. As for the frequency, being a natural product, to prevent it from losing effectiveness, you will have to repeat it 2 or 3 times a day, all over the body, leaving aside the muzzle which is better to rub with your hands, so as to safeguard the eyes.

If you want to avoid filtering, you can use lemon essential oil instead of the fruit, but be careful not to overdo it: the cat and its sensitive nose would not like it.

An addition that you can make to your DIY flea spray, in order to make it more effective, is to add a rosemary extract, which you can obtain with the same procedure just illustrated.

Let us not delude ourselves, however, that these, even if natural, are magical potions: they must be applied several times, using a soft, fine-toothed comb, to brush the hair and remove fleas and eggs. Only regularity rewards the fight against fleas. There is no flea collar for cat that betrays this rule: commercial, do it yourself, or made by someone who says that… determination is the essential ingredient: fleas are stubborn, we must be more so. The cat is already very, let’s imitate him!

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