First steps in training the Basenji breed

Basenji dogs are characterized by their lively temperament and free spirit; these dogs want independence and have an innate hunting instinct, so you have to train them to keep them happy.

The Basenji breed is considered to be one of the most difficult to train. For this reason, it is important to remember that your Basenji requires a lot of love and patience.

We must bear in mind that the Basenji can only be educated within certain limits. Why? Because the Basenjis have lived in their African homeland for centuries, carrying out their hunting duties independently. Hence, the instinct of the Basenji breed is to hunt prey. If you punish them for it, they hold a grudge because that was their nature in Africa .

Dogs of this breed decide for themselves what to do. Therefore, we must not try to command them, but rather to accustom them to respect a hierarchical order.

However, Basenji owners quickly learn that these dogs cannot be forced to do something. We have to convince them because they immediately understand what we want from them.

A Basenji obeys very well when instructed properly . It is a race that decides for itself whether it wants to carry out a command or not. If you are ready to respect these qualities, you and your Basenji will soon be great friends.

Training a Basenji: first steps

The Basenji’s early education comes directly from the parents, and this is a prerequisite. Parents and littermates instantly slow down the puppy’s occasional attempts to change the pecking order .

Afterward, it is very important that new owners maintain their authority as if it were their canine parents. However, it is not necessary to continually reaffirm the leadership position.

The puppy should be reprimanded, but not punished. Teaching Basenji things through punishment is not the best way to do it: if he understands you, he will react positively.

Establish a daily routine

One of the most important aspects of Basenji breed education is routine. It is very important to establish daily habits, have him eat at regular times and take him outside.

Establishing a routine is useful for living with dogs for a long time, also because this breed can generally live between 12 and 18 years. He is a dog that stays true to the rules you taught him and follows them all his life.

When there are clear and unambiguous rules for the dog, it easily finds its place in the family and in the new hierarchical order. Respect the puppy’s ability to be alone; play with him when you are at home.

Safety rules

It is especially important to teach him to respect the command not to go through open doors, be it the car door or the front door . This will prevent the Basenji from suddenly escaping, as he is used to not leaving unless instructed to do so.

Train your Basenji to respect commands and run freely without a leash . Be careful to stay consistent at the start of your puppy’s training. Remember not to act authoritatively, but be firm and decisive.

Coexistence with the Basenji breed

Basenjis are active, alert and reliable dogs. When the master is in a good mood, they are too; the reverse is also true. For this reason, pay attention to your mood before reacting with your dog. This will save you a lot of frustration later on.

Their instinct towards the natural environment, of wild nature, is highly developed. In fact, it is a breed that does not adapt very well to modern urban civilization.

If he lives in an apartment, this can lead to some behavioral problems, such as the destruction of furniture and objects in the house. Furthermore, their behavior can also be dangerous for the dog itself , for example if he chews electric cables. Take care of your dog, especially when it is a puppy.

They have highly developed senses, especially the sense of smell. They immediately notice an unfavorable situation and tend to run away through an open door or garden gate.

Organize the dog’s activities

Dogs need a structured daily life with fixed times for activities. The Basenji breed, like many other animals, acts by following habits. This is important to remember, as Basenjis who are unfamiliar with planned activities will try to do things on their own.

Establish hierarchical order and obedience in everyday situations

It is highly recommended to teach him to strictly obey the command “stop” or “stop” whenever a door is opened. This is especially important when opening the car doors. Many dogs died jumping out of cars.

Basenjis do not understand that cars, trams or trains are a danger to them. Rather, they have a tendency to hunt. Because of this hunting instinct, Basenjis must be kept on a leash on the street. Don’t trust his obedience when you let him run free.

From the beginning, teach him to stand by your side when you give him the command. Your Basenji must learn not to stray too far and stay out of the reach of your voice.

With the Basenji breed, rewarding a treat can work wonders. In many cases, the urge to eat will overcome the instinct for freedom. However, be careful not to overdo it – too much food could train your dog to constantly ask for food.

Use food only to reward him with commands that need to be learned , but they are not obvious. Among these commands there must also be that of not chasing moving objects, a command that goes against his instinct as a hunter.

It is healthier for the dog to obey because he understands what you want from him, because he wants to please you and receive your praise. The Basenji breed can live happily if its rewards are caresses and words of love.

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