Exotic Shorthair Cat care: brushing, bathing and grooming tips

All the precautions to be put into practice to take care of the Exotic Shorthair: from brushing the hair to cutting the nails.

The Exotic Shorthair is nicknamed “the Persian of the lazy”. The reason? Despite the resemblance to this long-haired breed, they are very easy to care for. Let’s discover the best health and beauty tips that will help us take care of our beloved Exotic Shorthair.

Care of the Exotic Shorthair’s coat: brushing and bathing

Here are all the tips to put into practice for the care of the Exotic Shorthair’s coat.

The appearance of the specimens of this breed is incredibly similar to that of the Persian. What distinguishes the two cats, however, is the length of the hair. The exotic cat, in fact, has a thick and short coat.

For this reason, taking care of him is simple and takes little time. In fact, brushing it 2-3 times a week is more than enough.

In this way, not only the layer of dead hair is eliminated, reducing the likelihood of knots and boluses being created, but the skin of the feline is also inspected, being able to promptly identify the presence of parasites.

Due to the thick undercoat of the Exotic Shorthair, it is necessary to wash it periodically, especially during the moulting period.

To ensure that this operation is not excessively stressful for the cat, it is essential to make sure that the water temperature is not excessively cold or too hot.

Furthermore, it is important to use specific cleansers for the delicate skin of the cat and, once the operation is completed, to completely dry his coat to avoid causing health problems.

To ensure that the fur of the exotic cat is soft and shiny, it is essential to take care of its nutrition. In this article you will find all the information on the ideal diet of the Exotic Shorthair.

Finally, don’t forget to apply conditioner to her coat to make it shiny, silky and easy to untangle.

Cleaning the exotic cat: eyes, nails, ears and teeth

In addition to the care of the Exotic Shorthair’s coat, let’s find out everything there is to know about cleaning eyes, nails, ears and teeth.

Due to the particular conformation of the muzzle of the exotic cat, the specimens of this breed suffer from breathing problems, as well as from the accumulation of excessive secretions from the eyes.

These incrustations must be regularly removed to avoid the onset of infections and skin disorders. This can be done with a sterile gauze soaked in warm water.

Equally important is the cleaning of the cat’s teeth, which should be sanitized regularly.

This operation can be carried out using special toothpastes and brushes for cats, or spreadable creams to be distributed on his teeth.

Finally, the last trick concerns the care of the ears of the Exotic Shorthair. In fact, it is advisable to periodically inspect them to identify the presence of excess earwax.

In this case, the secretions can be removed using special sprays available on the market.

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