Euthanasia in Cats, a difficult decision

When we share life with our cats, the last thing we think about is that there may come a time when we have to decide on their euthanasia.

We have had a full life with them, surely they have not lacked anything, and they have given us all their love and company, but an incurable disease and a very complicated state of health, has made us consider many things, seeing their daily deterioration and life expectancy.

If we have reached this point it is because surely, we have tried everything, so that our little one is with us, with the best quality of life. But sometimes this is not possible.

Reality prevails, no matter how much we want to have them by our side, and prolonging a terminal illness may, in some cases, lead to suffering and pain for them.

A very difficult and sad decision

You may be reading this now, because your cat is in this situation. If so, you should know that euthanasia in cats, always with the supervision of a veterinarian, is legal.

It is the veterinarian who will recommend this practice when the animal is in a very serious condition, with no possibility of cure or recovery, and also has symptoms of suffering and pain, incompatible with a dignified life.

Perhaps the most difficult thing before this fact, is to make the decision. It is possibly an antagonistic feeling, because you have to decide on the life of the being, who has been by your side in the most important moments of your life. But it is at the same time the greatest gesture of love that can be done, so that you stop suffering.

As we have said, the decision must be made in a shared way with the veterinarian, but do not hesitate to consult it with your relatives. That it is consulted and agreed upon by the people closest to you is very important.

Will my cat suffer, in euthanasia?

If you have made the decision, be as strong as you can, in those moments. Animals are very sensitive to the moods of their humans, and perhaps they can become nervous, and suffer more.

Think that the farewell is going to be very hard, but that you do it precisely so that your cat does not suffer more. There is no consolation, but in life there are times when we have to be strong.

The injection is painless. It plunges them into a peaceful sleep and death occurs later by cardio-respiratory arrest. Being by its side at that moment, although very sad, is something that will help you cope better.

You will have been with your cat, in its last moment, at the farewell. Thanking them for all the good it has given you. For your unconditional love.

At the vet itself, they will help you in the necessary subsequent procedures, with the option of burying it or incinerating it, keeping its ashes, if you wish.

Price of Euthanasia of a Cat

A more material part is added to the pain, and that is that it involves a series of expenses that may differ according to geographical areas. Average prices in Spain are as follows:

  • The euthanasia activity costs at least 46 dollar.
  • The cost of the medicine used can be between 29 dollar.
  • The previous sedatives used cost about 17 dollar.
  • If after the euthanasia procedure of your cat, they take charge of its body, it is an average of 35 dollar.
  • The price of the procedure can become more expensive during the weekend and at nights and holidays by 75%.
  • If you’ve made the decision to have it cremated, the price may go up as well. If you opt for cremation and deposit its remains in a special urn, the price can be between 87 and 233 dollar.

How to get over your loss

All of us who have been through this situation know that it is not easy. It is not because they are part of us, of our life, of our family. Losing them is like losing a part of yourself.

Also, the bond can be very strong, and the pain of letting go, too. Think of all the good things that have brought you together, of the luck that it had, having you by its side, and that it is very certain that it had a full and happy life with you.

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