Enclosure anxiety in cats: causes, symptoms and therapy

Closed place anxiety in the cat is a behavioral disease. Let’s see together what it is and what are the symptoms, causes and treatment of this pathology.

Felines are free and independent animals, very often they have attitudes that we think are normal, but that are not. In fact, it is difficult for those who live with a cat to think that their furry friend may have a behavioral problem.

Closed-place anxiety belongs to this category of problems and is the most common especially in felines living in apartments. Let’s see together what are the causes, symptoms and therapy of this pathology.

Closed-place anxiety: causes and symptoms

There are felines who are afraid to go out and cats instead that have anxiety from a closed place. The latter is a real disease that can occur especially in cats living in apartments.

In nature the feline is used to moving in larger spaces, it has the place to sleep which is different from the one to hunt and eat which in turn is different from the one where to do the needs. Even in the house the cat has all these places but they are narrower and therefore the cat has less stimuli. The change from a more stimulating place to a less stimulating one causes the cat to be anxious about a closed place.

Symptoms of such a pathology are:

  • The feline becomes aggressive
  • The cat bites the ankles
  • The feline runs around the house at night
  • The cat tolerates little caresses
  • Anxiety in the cat

In the event that your four-legged friend has one of these attitudes, it means that it presents a behavioral problem.

Indoor anxiety: treatment

If your cat has any of the symptoms listed above, you should contact a veterinarian who will be able to direct you to the right therapy, perhaps even involving a behavioral specialist.

On the other hand, there are some things you could do to prevent your cat from suffering from indoor anxiety. First of all, you could spread various games around the house also related to food, so that the cat can satisfy its hunting instinct.

In addition, the best solution, you should spend more time with your four-legged friend, as a cat needs to interact with its human and not only. Play with him a little, he certainly won’t hurt you!

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