Easy and delicious Cod Fish recipe for Cats

If your feline friend likes to eat fish, here’s how to cook cod for the cat: an easy and delicious recipe to “lick your lips”.

We all know that the cat is a “convinced” carnivore: it goes crazy for meat and would devour “tons” of it. But his palate also greatly appreciates fish, such as sole and cod. It is said that already in ancient times the Egyptians used to offer the cat fish, which they particularly preferred.

Furthermore, how not to mention the Viverrino cat, known as the “fisher cat”, and the Turkish Van, originally from Lake Van in Turkey: these have the reputation of being great swimmers and fishermen, in fact, living along waterways they usually fish with their nimble legs the fish to feed on.

Therefore, “always” cat has known the taste of fish well and is particularly attracted by its smell, which is why when you are preparing our dinner based on cod we find it between our legs with its snout upwards ready to ask us for some bit.

But what we eat cannot always be given to the cat, as condiments, spices and aromas that we use for us could harm him.

But fear not, preparing a cod-based dish for your kitty is really simple: here‘s how to cook cod for cat, an easy and tasty recipe to prepare at home that your kitty will love very much.

Cod in the cat’s diet

We know that the diet of cats is mainly based on meat, but fish, which is also rich in proteins, can be an excellent alternative.

Very digestible, fat-free but rich in phosphorus and other nutrients, fish can be included in the cat’s diet, but of course without ever exaggerating, as taken in too many quantities it limits the absorption of important vitamins useful for the cat’s body.

Of all the types of fish, certainly the blue one is to be preferred, and among these the cod is considered very healthy and beneficial for the cat’s body. In fact, cod is low in calories and low in fat, ideal food if your cat is overweight and we have to put it on a diet.

The cat is really greedy, can digest it easily and by eating it guarantees its body many nutrients. In fact, cod is rich in:

  • Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which help fight inflammatory, cardiovascular, renal and joint disorders, also support cognitive and neurological function;
  • vitamins, including vitamins B6 and B12, useful for the correct function of the metabolism and which support the heart and nervous system;
  • minerals, including phosphorus and potassium.

Therefore, offering it to your cat from time to time will bring many benefits to its body and its palate will appreciate it very much.

How to cook cat cod

Integrating cod in your cat’s diet, without exaggerating, is very healthy for your body: the nourishing properties of which it is composed support many of its vital functions.

However, it is better to avoid offering the cat what we cook for us, as, as already mentioned before, various condiments, such as spices, could make him ill.

We try to always prefer fresh cod of controlled origin so as to offer him a highly safe product, and to make him eat it after a light cooking, as it will digest it more easily.

Here it is very useful to know how to cook cod for cats: this is an easy and tasty recipe to make at home. Cat will lick his mustache.

“Fanciful” cod fillet

For those who are not skilled in the kitchen but want to cook a really tasty dish for their cat, this recipe is perfect. The ingredients are:

  • 150 gr of cod fillet;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1/2 glass of milk.

Ready to prepare it? But first get yourself a small non-stick pan, a saucepan and the bowl of cat food. Let’s proceed.

  • Clean the cod fillet well, making sure to remove all bones, as if ingested it is very dangerous for the kitty;
  • place the well cleaned cod in the pan;
  • once this is done, take the milk and pour it over the cod;
  • cover the pan with a lid and let it cook slowly until the milk has thickened, almost forming a cream.
  • pour everything into the cat bowl and let it cool;
  • meanwhile, cook the egg in the saucepan, as soon as it is cooked, let it cool;
  • shell the egg and cut it into small pieces;
  • at this point all that remains is to add the egg to the cod.

The “tasty” cod fillet is ready, you just have to serve it to your cat.

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