Dog breeds that change their appearance as they grow up

Most likely each of us was completely fascinated by how puppies look when we see them in pet stores. There isn’t one that isn’t adorable. However, it is natural to wonder if they will remain so cute even when they grow up, and the answer is that some change over time, others do not. In this article we will talk about these dog breeds that change a lot as they grow up.

5 dog breeds that change a lot as they grow up

The Beagle

The Beagle are among the breeds of dogs that change a lot while growing up . It is said that these dogs can be any color except liver brown, and that they have a white tail tip. In reality they are usually three colors (white, black and brown or blond), or two (white and brown or blond).

When they are born they have only two colors, even if as they grow up their coat can be of three shades. A few days after birth, brown or blond edges appear on the dark areas of the head, which gradually becomes more blond. Around five months of age, the legs begin to be partly brown or blond, and the same happens for the head. The white areas that are seen from birth usually tend to remain this shade. In adulthood the colors will by now be definitive, and of the black color that predominated at birth only the back, or coat, will remain. By the time they reach the age of five, white hairs begin to appear on the face, which will increase until this part of the body becomes completely white in old age.

The Pomeranian

Pomeranian dogs are especially cute as puppies. Fur balls that reveal a very sweet face. Between 4 and 6 months they lose a lot of hair and begin to change color. This is the period when their snouts start to stand out the most. The legs appear longer and the new coat will be stronger, although they will be quite balding over a period of time. The hair will start growing again later, but it will not be as thick as at the beginning, especially on the legs. The final appearance will be assumed no earlier than 3 years of life.

The Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies are black or brown at birth. The colors combine in a unique way on each single hair. They are animals with a round shape and very short hair. At around 6 months of age, Yorkshire’s coat begins to change color, and will continue to change color until they are 6 years old, when they will have assumed their final shade, which can be black, blue, brown or gold. In any case, as they age the coat becomes lighter and lighter. The blue-gray color is unique and can be found exclusively in this breed. During the adult stage the hair will become longer.

The Maltese

At birth they have darker colored spots mainly on the back and on the head , which as adults begin to disappear but which will not disappear completely if the long hair is left. They tend to be darker in color on the ears. As they grow, their hair should be smoothed, as if it curls they are much less pretty to look at. It’s amazing how the Maltese transforms from being a short-haired puppy to a dog with thick white hair . It is in fact one of the dog breeds whose transformation is particularly surprising.

The Poodle

Poodles are very small, round- shaped dogs with very short hair . As they grow, they become leaner, and the hair begins to grow little by little. On the contrary, the muzzle gets longer, giving the dog a more elongated shape. Once in adulthood, the back extends and the legs adapt to the new length. In this way the puppy gives way to a dog with stylized shapes.

You are now aware of the changes that will occur in your dog as he grows up. The adorable puppy that made you fall in love will make room for that inseparable friend who will be faithful to you throughout your life. Because if there is one thing that never changes in dogs, it is the love they feel towards their owners, so enjoy the time you spend together.

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