Does your cat meow all the time? Here are 5 solutions to fix it

The reasons that can cause your cat to meow. Today, discover some solutions to put in place to make it more discreet. 

1. Ignore it

If your cat meows only to get your attention or to ask you for something (food, cuddles, going out…), the first thing to do is to ignore it. Indeed, it has become accustomed to having what it desires as soon as it opens their mouth and therefore has no reason not to continue.

You will therefore need patience before it understands that it is not by meowing that it will get something from you. To encourage them on this path, don’t hesitate to give them what it asks for after it stops meowing. Otherwise, NEVER give in, even if it comes to meow in your ears in the middle of the night for hours for you to open the door for them or to feed them.

2. Educate them

If your cat isn’t trying to get your attention, he may just be talkative. Indeed, some cats love to spend hours chatting with their human. This is particularly the case of the Siamese or the Tonkinese.

In this case, you have only one option: to train it to meow when you decide. We warn you right away, it’s not an easy task! To do this, you must teach your cat to meow only at specific times, such as before going out or eating. Now you’ll only feed it when you ask it to meow, not when it starts meowing on its own. Thus, your furball will understand that their meows allow them to get what it wants only if you give the order.

3. Stimulate them

If your cat is meowing because it’s bored, just spend a little more time with them and buy them some toys to fix the problem. Set aside time for play every day at the same time (in the evening after work, for example) in order to make it part of their routine. This way, your feline will be waiting for this moment impatiently all day and, therefore, will know that it does not need to meow to ask you.

In addition, do not hesitate to buy them a cat tree, a scratching post, an interactive kibble dispenser or even catnip so that it can have fun in your absence. In addition, be careful not to leave all of their toys available to them at once. Select a few different ones each day to vary the pleasures and ensure that it never gets tired of them.

4. Reassure them

If your cat meows because it is stressed, you will need to reassure them. To do this, observe them carefully in their environment to find out what can worry them so much. If there is construction in your street, the constant noise could explain its incessant meowing. In this case, place it during the day in the best soundproofed room in your house. Likewise if it is the traffic noise that bothers them. You can also try to provide them with small shelters in height so that it feels safe there.

If nothing works, you can try to appease your feline by spraying synthetic pheromones in its places of life. For this, ask your veterinarian for advice.

5. Meet all their needs

To stop your cat’s repeated meowing, don’t give them a chance to complain. Make sure all of his needs are met at all times.

To do this, change the water in their bowl every day so that it is always clean and fresh, make sure that their kibble bowl is always full, that their litter box is clean, that their cat flap works or that it has access to their scratching post. In short, always be one step ahead of them!

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