Does your cat blink slowly while looking at you?

Sometimes you catch your cat staring at you while blinking slowly. Since this usually happens when it’s quiet, you tend to mistake this squinting for a sign of drowsiness. In reality, your cat is not dozing but trying to send you a message. Here is which one!

A wink that means “I love you”

When your cat knows you’re looking at it, it tends to slowly close its eyes and then half open them. Contrary to what you might think, those half-closed eyes don’t mean it’s going to fall asleep. In fact, in cat language, it is a sign of trust and affection.

Indeed, when your cat adopts this behavior, it lowers their guard and therefore puts itself in a vulnerable position. However, our feline friends being prey in the wild, they tend to always remain on the lookout. If your cat lets go like this, it means that it knows that you will not attack them and that you will alert them in the event of a threat. It feels good, relaxed and safe by your side and lets you know it.

To prove yourself worthy of your cat’s trust and show them that you love them too, do the same. When you see them blinking slowly, close your eyes slowly too, as if you were going to fall asleep. Then gently reopen them and look away slightly.

But be careful never to look your cat in the face, it could be perceived as a threat. Prefer to step aside and use your peripheral vision.

A behavior also used for other cats

If you have several cats at home, you may notice that they also blink at each other. This usually happens when they greet each other, just before they rub heads. Indeed, this means of communication is not only reserved for humans.

Big cats, such as tigers and lions, are also adept at blinking to signify that they are relaxed and their intentions are not hostile. It is therefore above all a friendly gesture so do not deprive yourself of it!

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