Does your cat bite you when you hug it?

It’s the same every time: your cat settles down purring next to you to be cuddled, but suddenly it starts to bite your hand violently, as if you had done them the worst dirt ever. Why such a reaction?

Too many caresses kill the caresses

If the same scenario is repeated each time, it is for the simple reason that you cannot identify the signals your cat is sending you. Indeed, when it snuggles up against you to be petted, that doesn’t mean it wants to be cuddled for hours!

Thus, once it has obtained its quota of petting, your cat tries, in its own way, to make you understand that you can stop touching them. It wags its tail gently, puts its ears back, licks your fingers, dilates its pupils… All of these signs are in fact warnings. If you continue to manipulate them, then it will not hesitate to go on the attack.

No longer wanting to be caressed is no reason to become violent, you will tell me. Of course, except that the excess of caresses tends to excite our feline friends so much that the effect felt has nothing to do with pleasure. Indeed, the sensation of your touch turns into something really very unpleasant …

How to react ? 

If, despite all of these tips, you still can’t see your cat’s signs of annoyance and it starts biting you in the middle of a cuddle session, react calmly. Put them on the ground saying “no” firmly and ignore them.

Either way, don’t scold them and never be aggressive with them. It is indeed your fault if you got there since it is you who did not know how to interpret the attitudes of your furball!

On the other hand, be careful, if you notice that your cat bites you every time you stroke it in a very specific place on its body, it may mean that it is in pain. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

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