Does the dog destroy the house when you are not there? 3 tips to avoid it

If your dog destroys the house every time you go out, that’s not a pleasant thing. Maybe it’s justifiable behavior at an early age, but after? In this article we will give you a series of useful tips to solve this problem, also trying to shed light on the reasons that push your beloved four-legged friend to transform, for a few hours, into a kind of Tasmanian Devil.

Why does the dog destroy the house when you are not there?

It is widely known that, due to their nature as social animals, dogs do not like being left alone for long . They are herd animals. But it is also true that human beings have certain obligations and responsibilities towards society and the family.

But is this really enough to explain such destructive behaviors ? There are also other reasons, of a psychological nature. Like, for example, simple boredom . If your dog turns the salon upside down when you leave him alone, this could reveal  accumulated stress and an inability to overcome separation from the owner.

So what can you do to prevent your dog from destroying everything? It scratches, bites, tears and shreds everything in the house: besides furniture, clothes, shoes and even expensive and valuable objects.

Leaving aside the extreme cases of separation anxiety , in which it becomes essential to contact a specialist in canine psychology, let’s immediately see 3 useful tips to correct the destructive behavior of your dog, when he stays at home alone.

Boredom, lack of exercise and anxiety are often the main reasons a dog destroys the house when left alone. Here’s how to avoid this.

1. Before going out: games and walks

We certainly cannot say that the rhythms of daily life help us, quite the contrary. Often you are forced to leave suddenly or, for work reasons, to come home hours later than expected . All elements that your four-legged friend is not able, however, to understand and that not even you can foresee.

Timetable in hand, it is good that you work in order to better organize the separation times and prepare your dog as it should. Before going out, it is a good idea to spend time together. For example, you can take your pet for a walk. A long walk, before leaving them alone, will help to tire them out, make him entertained and ensure that, on your return, it will do another like it.

At the same time, this represents an opportunity to play, run, in short, have fun . Accumulated stress will be discharged more. Once back home, the dog will probably drink some water and prefer to sleep or rest, not having much energy left.

A further tip: if you do not have the opportunity to take your friend for a long walk, it is a good idea to contact a  dog sitter or maybe even a family member or another trusted person, such as a friend or a neighbor. In this way you will safeguard both the psycho-physical well-being of the animal and the integrity of your home .

2. Quality toys

There are also more instinctive needs that need to be met. Every dog ​​loves to move, it is true, but also and above all to bite and bite objects. This is why it becomes important to leave a certain number of dog toys in the house when you go out  .

The choice of these pet pastimes cannot be superficial. Although there are toys and puppets of various types and colors, there are very few that manage to attract the attention of your four-legged friend.

Over time you will learn  about your dog’s tastes and will be able to leave his favorite toys at home. Arrange them in various parts of the house, as in a kind of treasure hunt. Do not forget, then, that there is the possibility of leaving the television on. Today there are  TV channels dedicated to animals that will help your dog pass the time.

3. Educate the dog with clear and precise rules

Properly educating your four-legged friend is essential to ensure a healthy coexistence. It takes time, patience and love, but one must avoid spoiling the dog . Don’t make the mistake of humanizing him  and remember to always treat him for what he is: an animal.

If you want to prevent your dog from destroying furniture and objects in the house, when you’re not there, keep these tips in mind :

  • Teach them to bite only their toys and not other objects.
  • Establish clear rules from the start, without breaking the rules. If you are the one who gives the dog shoes, gloves or other things, do not complain if this behavior is repeated, for the worse.
  • Don’t change the rules, you will only create confusion. A “no” must always be a “no”.  A small rule, which some will consider trivial, but which represents the foundation of education, both animal and human.

A good idea to prevent your dog from destroying the house

We analyzed the main causes of destructive behaviors in dogs, at home and in the absence of the owner. After the three main tips, to solve the problem, let’s now see an alternative and very effective idea. A long-term solution is to give your dog a playmate.

Of course, introducing a second animal into the home is never easy. You run the risk of provoking jealousies, generating conflicts… It simply takes some time for this new relationship to cement.

Having a playmate next to you (it can be another dog, but also a cat or another animal), your four-legged friend will completely forget to destroy the house and will spend the hours in your absence with greater tranquility, without boredom nor stress.

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