Does my Cat miss me?

Have you ever wondered if your cat misses you as much as they miss you when you leave? There are different examples: work, holidays or studies… Although we leave it more or less long, is it only affected by our absence? Here is some information to learn more about it. 

The importance of routine in cats

When we adopt a cat, it creates its habits and familiarizes itself with its new environment. Little by little, it establishes their place within the family and develops their personality: calm, curious, playful, emotional, fearful or even solitary. In addition, it establishes a routine that is important to them. Its place in the home is essential. In addition, the domestication of cats can make them anxious and especially dependent on their human family.

In addition, cats develop affection and a habit of playing with their owner. Their home is also a safe and comforting place. As a result, it can quickly be disturbed if you change something in their daily life. There can be many stress factors: a move, a newcomer, or when you are away too long.

Familiarize your cat with absences

If your little companion often demands attention, it can quickly notice your absence. In addition, it may need time to adjust to this new situation. Indeed, your cat can also learn to tolerate your departure. However, one should not ask them too much directly. If you’re always with them and rarely go out, be careful not to make the separation too abrupt.

So, try to get your cat used to being entertained by being alone. To do this, you will leave them little by little on their own when it is busy, then you will come back some time later. It is important to proceed gradually so as not to rush it. However, if there are other people in the accommodation, or if there are other animals, the lack will be much less felt. In addition, for their morale and their health, make sure you never leave them alone for more than two days. After that, have someone come to visit regularly and take good care of it.

A real lack?

When you leave, you may feel guilty about leaving your cat alone. It is also likely that you will find some “nonsense” when you return. However, the appropriate reaction is not to argue with them, but to question this behavior. For example, if it has relieved himself somewhere other than in their litter box, if it has spilled several things when it is not their habit, it is essential to understand why. Generally, it is not for revenge, but rather a signal of boredom and misunderstanding, even sometimes of anxiety.

When you get to know your cat and its attitudes, you are better able to know if it is acting out of lack or not. Thus, you can intervene upstream during an absence. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure that it has everything it needs to observe the outside world, have fun, drink, eat and sleep comfortably. While we can’t really tell how attached our cats are, we can’t rule out the likelihood of missing them.

A question of habit

When you spend a lot of time with your furry friend, it is very grateful. We can thus think that if you do not take care of it as much overnight, the lack will be felt, because you are part of its daily life. The first absences will certainly be the most difficult but, little by little, the cat will understand that you are coming back. Depending on the temperament, some will get used to it faster than others.

Indeed, if it is used to entertaining himself alone, the minutes will be much shorter without you. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t love you, just that it’s figured out that you need to be away.

While we can’t ask them directly if they miss you, the best way to find out is to listen to them. Each animal is unique and has specific needs. Thus, by understanding the attitude of your cat, you will know very quickly if it feels a lack in your absence or not. The most important thing is that it is happy with you and remains peaceful when you are away for a while.

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