Do cats sweat?

If you’ve ever wondered if cats sweat, the answer is yes, but not the way we do. Like we sweat and breathe hard, to control our body temperature, cats lick themselves,  and especially the areas devoid of hair, such as their paws (pads), to cool off.

How do cats sweat?

In addition, their sweat glands make their skin and coat maintain optimal elasticity and flexibility. Through these glands, they also excrete waste and fulfill one of the most important functions, such as maintaining the microflora of the skin.

Protective barrier through sweat glands

The sweat glands also secrete substances in their dermis, which will protect them from harmful chemicals and microorganisms that can represent a danger to them. This is a good explanation to avoid bathing cats as much as possible. They also secrete pheromones, very important chemical elements in their behaviour and emotional state.

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